Where Is Brandi McClain Now?

Mark Rogowski assaulted, raped, and killed Jessica Bergsten out of rage against his girlfriend and Jessica’s best friend, Brandi McClain. Investigation Discovery’s ‘James Patterson’s Till Murder Do Us Part’ retells the horrendous crime in an episode titled ‘The Darkside’ through the words of different people affected by it. One of them is Brandi. We were curious to find out what she is currently doing, so we conducted a little research into her life. Here’s what we uncovered.

Who is Brandi McClain?

Brandi met Mark in 1987 when she was 17, and he was 21. Soon after, they started dating and came to be known as the skateboarding couple. Together they featured in skating videos, worked as models, and even made an appearance in the Tom Petty video for “Free Fallin.” And as for their personal life, the two were inseparable. Mark would often fly Brandi to San Diego to visit him. Brandi later left her home in Tucson and became Mark’s live-in girlfriend.

Mark spent lavishly to fulfill every desire of Brandi’s, and the couple lived their life to the fullest, partying and traveling. The couple’s happiness was soon affected by an accident, after which Mark seemingly changed his way of life towards a more religious approach. Mark then implored Brandi to marry him because he said he would not engage in sex with her unless they were husband and wife. He also dragged Brandi to the church several times, but Brandi downright refused and eventually broke up with him.

She moved back in with her family in San Diego. However, Mark did not let her go. He would call her and leave messages yelling explicit slurs and even took away all the things he had gifted her, including her car. Brandi’s hope to reconcile with him was shattered by a dinner where Mark threatened to beat her and leave her in a desert. He was upset that Brandi had started dating a surfer. The incident and Mark’s threat scared Brandi enough to make her flee to New York. Months later, she was informed about Jessica’s death and Mark’s involvement in it.

Where is Brandi McClain Now?

Brandi McClain has since tried to move on with her life. In the episode, she said she would never forgive Mark and that she will never forget her best friend, Jessica Bergsten. She became teary-eyed, recounting how the misplaced rage of a man had taken away her best friend from her. In a documentary titled ‘Stoked – The Rise and Fall of Gator’, writer, director, and producer Helen Stickler shows the rise and fall of Mark’s career as a skateboarder. Brandi has also been featured in it.

Brandi’s Instagram profile is donned with the pictures of her family, which currently comprises her husband, Kenan, and her four children, Jake (who turned 9 in 2015), Blake (who turned 24 in 2020), Hayley, and Stella (who turned 14 in 2019). Brandi and her husband seem to love indulging in adventure sports such as water sports and indoor rock climbing. She is also quite the philanthropist. The couple has been together for more than seven years now. From her profile, it seems to be the case that she is currently living in the state of Tennessee.

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