Where is Carly From Too Hot to Handle Now?

In simple words, Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is a reality dating series that centers around the contestants’ summer-long attempt at celibacy to win a grand prize of $100,000. As a group of uber-attractive individuals is left to blend on an isolated yet luxurious island, the only rule is that they can not indulge in any intimate contact if they don’t want the prize money to drop. Hormones, physical attractions, and libidos should be ignored, but let’s be honest, they rarely are. And with season 2 highlighting that, let’s see what one of the defaulters is up to now, shall we?

Who is Carly Lawrence?

From Toronto, Canada, Carly Lawrence is a self-proclaimed man-eater who never shies away from flirting with anyone and everyone. However, as per her bio on the program, she is scared of commitment and is not looking to fall in love or even find her perfect life partner. Maybe a guy might change this, considering how the whole point of the experiment is to forge deeper connections, but maybe not. After all, she called herself a “fun-loving party girl” who despises being told what to do. “I hate rules,” Carly admitted while staying stone-faced. “And I do not follow them.”

In fact, the 24-year-old even went as far as to state that she once left her ex-boyfriend at a bar to be with another guy, who she used to date before him, right in front of him. “I’m crazy,” Carly asserted. “I’m here to have fun.” She also confessed that she simply prefers “just like a one-night hangout” when it comes to men, nothing more or less. Following her introduction to the world through the show’s trailer, a few fans compared Carly to season one’s Haley Cureton due to her mannerisms. Though, in the program, she made a name for herself for an entirely different reason.

Where is Carly Lawrence Now?

From what we can tell, it seems like Carly Lawrence, a competitive dancer turned model, spends her time between California and Toronto to balance her work and personal life. There is no doubt that her profession takes her all across the globe, but the geotags on her Instagram suggest that these two places are her main bases. Moreover, to shift into the role of a public figure, she has also launched a YouTube channel, an OnlyFans account, a Twitter profile, and a TikTok just in the last few months. It appears as if Carly is ready to make the necessary efforts to advance her career.

Despite her media-based lifestyle and occupation, it is actually surprising how little Carly has shared about her personal experiences, family, or friends on her platforms in the past. She is active on Instagram, but nothing directly points us towards what exactly she’s up to now. We know she has a small butterfly and the year 1964 tattooed on her fingers, and we know that she loves being on the waterside and her pet dogs, but nothing else. So, we’ll just have to wait and see what Carly does next.

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