Where Is Catherina Voss Now?

When Cory Allen Voss was shot to death in Newport News, Virginia, little did authorities know that the investigation would circle back to his own family. The heinous crime left the community in shock as an investigation revealed the murder plot that had been brewing in the victim’s own home. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: Menage of Murder’ chronicles the brutal crime and charts out the investigation that led to Cory’s wife, Catherina Voss. Let’s dig deeper into this case and find out where Catherina Voss is now, shall we?

Who Is Catherina Voss?

Catherina Voss was a mother of two, happily married to Cory Allen Voss. Neighbors and close ones could never decipher the amount of malice Catherina bore in her heart. The couple was an ordinary married pair, with Cory being away for extended periods due to him being a Naval officer. Although the two did have fallouts over Catherina’s spending habits, they were initially considered minor. According to sources, Catherina met Michael Draven in 2006 while her husband was away on duty.

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Draven met Catherina on MySpace and lied to her about being a filmmaker and photographer. In reality, he still lived with his mother and earned money from volunteering at medical trials. However, Catherina believed the façade and started getting close to Draven. She felt that Draven would be able to give her the costly and high-maintenance lifestyle she desired. However, she was so attracted to Draven that she did not stay away even when she realized he had lied. Instead, the two of them concentrated on the $400,000 life insurance policy of her husband.

Wanting to stay with Draven and greedy for the money, the two hatched a plan to murder Cory. Unwilling to pull the trigger herself, she even hired a hitman, David Anthony Runyon, in exchange for some money. Then on April 29, 2007, Catherina made Cory drive to the ATM to fetch her some money from an account she had created nine days back. She knew that there was no money in the ATM, and Cory would try to withdraw the cash multiple times. On April 30, 2007, Cory was found shot dead inside his car in a parking lot near the ATM. He was shot five times at close range, with the cause of death being three shots to his chest and abdomen.

The following day, Catherina called numerous police stations in search of her husband. She even asked her mother to look around the town and behaved as if she had no idea where Cory was. When investigating the murder, the police found surveillance footage from the ATM, which showed an unidentified man entering Cory’s vehicle while he was trying to withdraw money. Moreover, with the Navy paying the next of kin a $100,000 death benefit, authorities noticed that Catherina suddenly started living a luxurious lifestyle. After wiretapping Catherina and Draven’s phones, the police found out they were talking about planned alibis and statements that incriminated them of the crime.

Furthermore, with Draven having been arrested once on unrelated charges, they were able to trace the hitman, David, through his jail phone calls. A search of David’s car and home gave the police more evidence in the form of a map to the murder scene, bullets used in the murder (with five of them missing), along with a list of items hinting at a possible abduction. Authorities even learned that David had purchased a gun, which matched the murder weapon, on the day of the murder. Additionally, officers discovered that the couple never paid the hitman the promised money and were able to trace their phone calls as further proof of their involvement. Ultimately, Catherina, Draven, and David were arrested and charged with Cory’s murder.

Where Is Catherina Voss Now?

Once presented in court, Catherina accepted a plea deal in exchange for the prosecution not pursuing the death penalty. She pleaded guilty to murdering her husband and as a result, was sentenced to life in prison. Along with that, she was convicted on charges of conspiracy to commit murder for hire, carjacking resulting in death, bank robbery resulting in death, and murder with a firearm in a violent crime. Consequently, she received an additional 20-year prisons sentence for conspiracy to commit robbery affecting commerce. At present, she is incarcerated in the Aliceville Federal Correctional Institution in Aliceville, Alabama. Michael Draven and David Runyon pleaded not guilty but were ultimately convicted of their crimes as well.

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