Buddy Games: Here Are All the Filming Locations of the CBS Show

Image Credit: Robert Voets/CBS

Based on the 2019 eponymous movie directed by Josh Duhamel, CBS’ ‘Buddy Games’ is a reality TV series that pits together six groups of four friends from different parts of the country who reunite to live their old and glory days all over again. To make it more fun, they compete in a series of some very absurd physical as well as mental challenges in the outdoors. Once they are done with the challenges for the day, all the teams live in the lakehouse under the same roof.

If the unique set of challenges was not enough entertainment for you, the show is hosted by the entertaining Josh Duhamel, making the viewers all the more invested through each episode. Moreover, the picturesque backdrop of the mountains and the lake not only provides a vacation feel to the show but also makes the audience curious about the actual filming sites. Well, if you have been wondering where ‘Buddy Games’ is filmed, we have you covered!

Buddy Games Shooting Locations

‘Buddy Games’ is filmed in its entirety in Colombia. As per reports, principal photography for the debut iteration of the reality series was carried out in late 2022, probably around November 2022. Now, without much ado, let’s find out where exactly the teams of friends compete against one another in the CBS show!


Most of the pivotal sequences for ‘Buddy Games’ are lensed in Colombia, especially outside its capital city — Bogotá. The production team sets up camp in a lakeside location where the teams compete in several challenges to win the competition. When they don’t compete, all the teams of buddies stay under the same roof in one gigantic and luxurious lake house/cabin, which creates a ‘Big Brother’ kind of vibe. The premise of the lake house is utilized to the fullest as the filming unit creates several sets for hosting different physical challenges for the groups of friends, mainly in the park that accompanies the property.

During a conversation with OregonLive in September 2023, Summer Lynne Seasons shared his experience of shooting the show’s inaugural season. He stated, “The experience was fast-paced and intense, but it also created this incredibly strong bond with these folks we had just met. In literally days, we were BFFs with everyone. It kept us all on our toes, and we were thankful to meet all these incredible people.”

The mountains in the backdrop while the groups of friends compete in some unique physical and mental challenges showcase the vastness of Colombia’s landscape as it is considered to be one of the world’s seventeen megadiverse countries. This is backed by the fact that its territory consists of the Amazon rainforest, highlands, grasslands, and deserts.

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