Where is Chandrakant Jha’s Family Now?

Netflix’s ‘Indian Predator: The Butcher Of Delhi’ is a three-part docuseries delving into the shocking crimes committed by Chandrakant Jha. The serial killer’s rampage in Delhi, India, garnered national headlines in the country and left many fearing for their lives. The series also documents Chandrakant’s early life and his move from Bihar, India, to Delhi, where he committed the murders. So, if you’re curious to learn more about his family and where they might be today, here’s what we know!

Who is Chandrakant Jha’s Family?

Chandrakant was born in the village of Ghosai in Bihar in 1967. His mother, Champadevi, was a teacher, while his father worked in the irrigation department. At the time, Chandrakant was one of six siblings, with the others named Nityanand, Indranand, Kalanand, Sadanand, and Deepak Kumar. As per the show, while their mother was a teacher, she paid little attention to Chandrakant’s education, and the kids were mostly left to fend for themselves.

Chandrakant moved to Delhi in 1986 and began working odd jobs, including being a vegetable vendor and hawking plastic goods. He had abandoned his first wife within a year of their marriage and had met Mamata in 1996. Then 18, she was from Bihar and was in Delhi visiting her brother at the time. They married after a few months of courtship, and Mamatha remembered, “He is tall and good looking and very smart. His parents were big people—his father retired from the government, and his mother was a school teacher. I don’t know how far he studied, but he loved reading newspapers.”

Mamata was 13 years younger than Chandrakant, but that never seemed a problem for them. The couple went on to have five daughters together. The family initially resided in Haiderpur, Delhi, but in April 2007, he moved them to another location while occasionally visiting the old place. The authorities later found out that Chandrakant committed his murders in Haiderpur.

After Chandrakant’s arrest, Mamata fiercely believed in her husband’s innocence. She didn’t think he could ever harm anyone. In an interview in March 2013, Mamata said that she hadn’t seen Chandrakant since September 2012 because he asked her not to visit anymore. Their oldest daughter, who was 15 at the time, was the only one who had some memories of her father. She said, “He would take me out for walks sometimes, and we would eat together.”

Where is Chandrakant Jha’s Family Today?

Mamata said that Chandrakant was innocent, adding, “How can my husband ever confess to killing people because he did not like them eating non-vegetarian food? That is absurd. He used to love eating non-vegetarian food himself. Meat and fish were his favorites. He liked rich, oily, non-vegetarian curries with his rotis, and I like it the same way.” Mamata and her daughters used to live in a single room, sleeping in the same bed at the time.

When Chandrakant was convicted, the daughters’ were between five and 15 years old. The family has since moved away from their old house in Alipur, Delhi, not to attract unwanted attention. It has been reported that the single mother worked 12-hour shifts at a shoe factory in Narela, Delhi. As for Chandrakant’s siblings, they’ve maintained a low profile as well, given the notoriety of the case. As of 2013, one of the brothers worked for the Central Reserve Police Force, while the Bihar state police employed another. Apart from that, not much else is known about the rest of Chandrakant’s siblings, with the last known location being Bihar.

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