Where is Chauntae Davies Now?

‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’ does not just highlight Jeffrey Epstein’s hierarchy of sexual crimes but also sheds subtle light on various other prominent figures, who may have been possibly involved with Epstein’s multiple misdemeanors. While tracing and finding out their level of involvement may be a thing of the distant future, it nonetheless serves as a pill for much thought.

Who is Chauntae Davies?

Chauntae Davies was 21 years old when she was hired as Jeffrey Epstein’s professional masseuse. In one of Epstein’s trip to his private island, Davies accompanied him, following which she was raped. A shocked Davies kept the incident to herself and kept on working. It was Sarah Kellen, a known recruiter for Epstein, who arranged ‘a massage’ for Epstein that eventually led to Davies’ rape.

The information Davies revealed about her trip to Africa was instrumental in shedding light on several other influential figures who were associated with Epstein at the time. During the trip, she met Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker. She even took a picture with Bill Clinton, which was widely circulated online after it was made public.

In the subsequent years, what traumatized Davies was the abuse her younger sister faced at the hands of Epstein and Harvey Weinstein. In the documentary, she talks about an altercation that happened in Epstein’s house in Paris, where her sister came out screaming due to what Weinstein did. Later, his assistant got involved, trying to apologize by sending flowers. She said, “Jeffrey and Harvey are both very disgusting people, who used their power to manipulate and abuse.” It was after this that Davies left, by letting Epstein know that she was well aware of what he did to her sister. Davies said that her sister was so harrowed by the experience of what happened to her that she came back with an eating disorder. Epstein had made promises to help her study in Spain.

Davies later became an actress and has starred in films like ‘Feast’ and ‘The Hangover.’ She was one of the many victims who came to testify against Epstein in his court hearing in 2019. Epstein’s subsequent suicide was a major let down to all these women who were very close to getting the justice they deserved. After his death, Davies said: “Do I feel his death has been an appropriate punishment? Absolutely not. It gets nobody justice, and it leaves a lot of unanswered questions.”

Where is Chauntae Davies Now?

Chauntae Davies is now one of the many survivors who are determined to bring co-conspirators of Jeffrey Epstein to justice. She has addressed this in several of her interviews. In one of her recent interviews with ABC, she said: “ I have spent what feels like an entire lifetime having my voice silenced. And, I am just not going to let that happen anymore, if I may be given the opportunity to speak up and be heard, then I am going to take it. I am going to go after it like a dragon.”

Davies is quite active on Twitter and continues to raise her voice against different kinds of atrocities. She recently posted a petition that aims to end dog and cat meat trade. She stated that coronavirus is just the beginning.

She also posted an article that shared a picture of Bill Clinton with Ghislaine Maxwell, which also alludes to his alleged involvement with Jeffrey Epstein.

In any case, Chauntae Davies, who is now 40, seems to have found liberation in her truth. 

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