Christine Branstad: Where is the Defense Attorney Now?

A&E’s ‘Accused: Guilty Or Innocent?’ takes us into the charges faced by Jason Carter. He was accused of murdering his mother by his family members. It was believed that Jason acted to gain access to his family assets, but ultimately, he was let off. The documentary is told from Carter’s perspective while including points of view from his family members and legal team. In this light, it is essential to mention Christine Branstad, his defense attorney. Naturally, you might be curious about where Christine is at present. We have the latest news and updates.

Where is Christine Branstad Now?

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Christine Branstad was born on November 23, 1968, in Forest City, Iowa, to Monroe David and Elizabeth Ellen Branstad. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Iowa before getting her Juris Doctor degree from Drake University. Christine has worked as a prosecutor, defense counsel, and civil litigator, apart from being equipped at litigation management and corporate counsel.

She is licensed to practice law at all Iowa state courts and the Northern and Southern Federal District Courts in Iowa. Notably, Branstad can also practice law in the District of Columbia. Christine happens to be a member of the Polk County and Iowa State Bar Associations and has achieved the status of Master of the Bench in the Blackstone Inn of Court. In 2013, she received the Presidential Award from the Iowa State Bar Association.

Her LinkedIn profile lists her as a criminal defense attorney at Branstad & Olson for almost a decade. Branstad & Olson promote the firm as Des Moines’ choice of legal defense, and the attorneys pride themselves on dependable counsel and strategic advocacy. Branstad’s law offices are at 2501 Grand Avenue, Suite A, Des Moines. Since she works there full-time as a partner, Christine most likely lives in Des Moines as well. She has been married to David Lee Phillips since June 14, 1997.

By all accounts, Christine is a reputable lawyer who has received several awards and commendations throughout her career. She also seems to be highly recommended within Des Moines’ legal circles. In her free time, Christine is interested in sports and reading. Her office profile states that when Christine is not buried in legal intricacies, she enjoys all kinds of sports, from pee-wee to professional.

Christine is a long-standing member of the Iowa legal community and has gained quite a reputation among her peers. As a partner in a law firm, she commands respect in her abilities and seems to have balanced her personal and professional life quite successfully. Undoubtedly, her tenacious involvement in Carter’s case ensured that justice was served. [Cover Picture Courtesy: NBC/Dateline]

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