Courtney Wild: Where is Jeffrey Epstein’s Survivor Now?

Netflix’s ‘Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich’ is a documentary series that depicts years of struggles. While a part of it shows the survivors’ struggles to recuperate and voice out their experiences, another aspect of it deals with the officials, lawyers, and others, who have seen the enormity of Epstein’s influence that evaded the justice system.

Like most good things, bad things don’t last forever too. However, it was a struggle on multiple fronts to bring Epstein face to face with the multitude of his victims. While he tried to elude prosecution through death, what will definitely be remembered is the decades of torture he inflicted upon the lives of many women when they were young.

Who is Courtney Wild?

Courtney Wild was merely 14 years old when she met Jeffrey Epstein. Like many girls at the time, she too was recruited by a friend to make some money by giving an old man “a massage” for $ 200. According to reports, Wild came from a rather broken home, so this money meant a lot. Plus, there’s the fact that her mother was also a drug addict.

Image Credit: ABC News

In any case, Wild, who was even part of the cheerleading squad, saw her life take a dramatic turn after the sexual abuse she endured at the hands of Epstein for years. In an attempt to find solace, she soon became addicted to drugs too, and she was not doing well in terms of her mental health. In 2008, she filed a civil suit, stating that federal law had been violated through Epstein’s non-prosecution agreement without consulting the victims involved. This was the plea deal that granted him and his co-conspirators immunity. For 11 years, she pursued the case, with the federal government stating that they had no obligation to inform them. However, this saw a dramatic change in 2019, when there was a ruling in Wild’s favor.

Wild, with her attorneys, then requested the court to nullify Epstein’s deal and disclose the details as to how the prosecution could negotiate with him considering the vast array of crimes that were laid out against him. It was five months after this that he was arrested for good. He was then slapped with the charges of sex trafficking and sexually assaulting minors. Yet, this lead took a wild turn when he died by suicide. Regardless, Wild pursued her fight for justice even after his death.

Courtney Wild is Now a Human Rights Advocate

Courtney’s struggle proved fruitful as The Courtney Wild Crime Victims’ Rights Reform Act was introduced in the House of Representatives in October 2019. In addition to this, in February 2020, she was invited as the State Union’s guest by California Congresswoman, Jackie Speier.

Wild has, thus, come a long way from being a victim to a human rights advocate. In May 2020, Wild, along with her lawyers, asked for a re-visitation of Epstein’s ruling, which stated that the federal prosecutors did not violate the victims’ rights. She actually lives in Florida, from where she continues to be in touch with all her co-survivors too.

Coming to Courtney’s personal standing, she has come a long way from being an addict, which even led her to spend time in prison. In fact, she’s now someone who is determined to make a difference, all the providing a safe haven to her family. This proud survivor is a loving life partner as well as mother of three; she has two sons plus a daughter.

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