Where is David Holthouse Now?

Hulu’s ‘Sasquatch’ is a three-episode documentary series exploring the theory of whether the creature we all know as Bigfoot was responsible for a rumored triple homicide on a weed farm in Northern California in the fall of 1993 or not. At the center of it is David Holthouse, who was in the area when the alleged murders transpired and has vague a recollection of it all. As he tries to make sense of California’s Emerald Triangle, though, he reveals a few details about his own life that leaves us begging for more. So, we did a bit of digging, and here’s what we found out about him.

Who is David Holthouse?

David Holthouse is an investigative journalist, writer, producer, and filmmaker, whose work centers mainly around uncovering the monsters walking amongst us. If he deems you to be someone whose actions make you a feral beast in the worst of ways, he says, he’ll come after you and won’t stop until you get what you deserve and more. David has been this way for as long as he can remember, and he knows that it’s primarily because of the trauma he suffered as a child.

In 1978, residing in Alaska, 7-year-old David was raped by his parents’ friends’ son — someone he knew and hung out with a few times. Apart from writing about it in his diary at the time, he kept the assault a secret. However, years later, his parents found and read his diary, and his whole world turned upside down. After all, by then, while living in Denver, David was plotting his rapist’s murder after learning that he dwelled in the same city as well. David was intent on shooting him dead. But a confrontation with his abuser ended with a much different and nonviolent outcome.

Having worked for The Anchorage Daily News, New Times (in Phoenix), and NYPress, David subsequently wrote his entire story for Westword in a piece entitled ‘Stalking the Bogeyman.’ This act gave his first-person long-form gonzo writing ways even more of a boost, and that’s how he made a name for himself. Moreover, as David has always focused on the truth, it has allowed him to have the freedom of covering a wide variety of topics, including, as we see in the Hulu series, Sasquatch.

Where is David Holthouse Now?

With his ability to immerse himself in the different worlds of humans and monsters alike, David Holthouse has written about Chicago street gangs, drug dealers and users, racers, and neo-nazis over the past 30 years he has spent as an investigative journalist. As a producer, his credits include Hulu’s ‘Sasquatch,’ Netflix’s ‘Night Stalker: The Hunt for a Serial Killer,’ Amazon Prime’s ‘The Last Narc’ and ‘Lorena,’ along with ‘Declassified: Untold Stories of American Spies,’ and ‘The Seven Five.’ He has also co-directed ‘We Up: Indigenous Hip-Hop of the Circumpolar North.’

Most importantly, David’s 2004 feature, ‘Stalking the Bogeyman,’ was picked up by the ‘This American Life’ radio program, which has since been turned into an off-broadway play. Now, though, the said play is being adapted into a short film, with David himself acting as a screenwriter. Although David prefers to live his personal life away from the spotlight, which seems like an intelligent thing to do considering his profession, he makes no apologies for his continued work. And if you want to immerse yourself in his rock and gonzo journalism, you can check out his website.

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