Where Is David Prosper Now?

Image Credit: David Prosper/Instagram

Audrey Mabrey’s life changed forever when she was struck with a hammer and then set on fire by her former husband, Christopher Hanney. Mabrey sustained several burns on her body, barring her feet. She thought she would not make it out alive. However, after six weeks of induced coma, Mabrey woke up with a determination to obtain justice. In the course of her recovery, she met David Prosper, her current husband.

Mabrey learned to love again, and she never fails to mention how Prosper helped her in her tough times. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Your Worst Nightmare Before Christmas’ covers Mabrey’s story and her struggles while also highlighting her progress in life where Prosper has played a significant role. We were intrigued by his personality and got curious to know more about him. Here’s what we have found.

Who Is David Prosper?

Image Credit: David Prosper/ Instagram

Audrey Mabrey met David Prosper at an academy for the National Speakers Association. Audrey and David are both members of this association. Their first conversation ended in an exchange of business cards. David was keen on learning more about Audrey and her story. While describing their first encounter David has reportedly admitted to being stunned by Audrey’s fascinating personality. “I was just blown away that someone who can face something like that can still be so loving,” he remarked.

Five months from their first meeting, Audrey and David had fallen in love, proclaiming each other to be the one. Mabrey had previously said that she would never be able to trust someone again but maintains that her current husband is a perfect gentleman and is very genuine. She says that David backs her up with action rather than words, a personality trait that has helped build the trust in their relationship.

The couple has a unanimous goal to travel the world as public speakers and promote awareness about the healing effects of a healthy relationship. When David was a student at a public school in Florida, he often found himself out of place. He had difficulty keeping up with the traditional educational model that requires students to recall information taught during lectures. He graduated from high school in Fort Lauderdale.

Following which, Prosper enrolled as a student at St. Norbert College in Wisconsin. This was when he realized that he was lagging in his education compared to his peers. He adopted techniques and methods to help him learn more efficiently. In 2019, Prosper founded Shepherd Revolution, which is an organization dedicated to shaping effective leaders from the youth.

Where Is David Prosper Now?

David Prosper married Audrey Mabrey in 2018 and currently lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife and two sons, Malacai and Malik. His organization, Shepherd Revolution, is currently on its goal to open a k-12 private school called Shepherd Revolution Leadership Academy in Colorado Springs. Once the first school is established, David wishes to further the propaganda by expanding this service to the other states, with Colorado as the central hub. He is also involved in developing a curriculum for the proposed school to help children like him who experience difficulties in learning.

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