Deketrice Jackson: What Happened to the Stalker?

Netflix’s ‘I Am a Stalker: Obsessive Tendencies’ focuses on the life of Deketrice Jackson. After a difficult childhood bouncing around foster homes, Deketrice became obsessed with women. Over time, it escalated to stalking, with the pattern continuing for almost a decade before serious consequences came her way. She was interviewed on the show and shared her story. So, if you’re wondering what happened to her since then, here’s what we know.

Who is Deketrice Jackson?

Deketrice Jackson grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, spending time at several foster homes. On the show, she talked about living in twelve different foster homes and how she was often mistreated. Deketrice knew she was gay from a young age but was picked on in school, and people didn’t want her around their kids because of her sexuality. As a result, Deketrice dealt with feelings of abandonment since, according to her, her mother didn’t want her either.

The first woman Deketrice got obsessed with was Tunya King, someone she knew from church. In 2001, the former was ten years old, while the victim was 24. The show mentioned that Deketrice often looked for Tunya as a mother figure, but the latter didn’t want to. Eventually, Deketrice’s behavior became too much for Tunya, who stopped talking to her. After that, the former got close to Tunya’s niece, Tiffanie, and started to use her name on social media.

By 2008, Deketrice had moved to Springfield, Missouri, but her tendency to get obsessed continued. She began dating a woman named Rachel in 2012 but said on the show that she didn’t trust her. Deketrice admitted to following Rachel to work, checking her phone, and being physically and emotionally abusive. Eventually, Rachel and her mother got restraining orders against Deketrice, but she continued showing up at their home until an arrest in October 2012.

This led to Deketrice being sentenced to eight years probation. While she was fine for a few years, things changed when she briefly spoke with another woman in 2017. Deketrice began to stalk her and send her gifts, which continued for a year until the police got involved. She was arrested in April 2018 outside the woman’s house, leading to a prison stint.

Where is Deketrice Jackson Today?

In October 2018, Deketrice was eventually found guilty of stalking and was sentenced to serve four years in prison. Offender records indicate that she was convicted of other charges, including domestic assault, tampering with a motor vehicle, and first-degree burglary. Deketrice was released on parole in November 2021 after being released on parole. On the show, she talked about turning to religion and attending a Bible study group, which helped her in the past.

In the first few months after her release, Deketrice stuck to the terms of her probation; she got a job and avoided alcohol and women, saying that being gay was a sin. But it was stated on the show that about six months later, she was slapped with a drunk driving offense but wasn’t sent to prison. Eventually, she left the church group and began a relationship with a woman. Deketrice has maintained a low profile since then, and from what we can tell, she remains on parole in Springfield, Missouri, and has seemingly kept herself out of trouble.

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