Where is Delilah on A Million Little Things? Is Stéphanie Szostak Leaving the Show?

The ABC series ‘A Million Little Things’ is a family drama that revolves around a group of friends who are traumatized after one of them dies by suicide. They must cope with the loss, while they also have to learn to overcome their own issues. The person who dies by suicide is Jon, Delilah’s husband. Delilah had spent a good amount of time thinking that Jon ended his life because of her affair with Eddie. But it is later revealed in the first season’s finale that Jon was unable to get over the death of his close friend from college.

Since Jon’s death, Delilah’s life has only gotten more complicated. In season 2, she gives birth to Eddie’s child and has to deal with the challenges of being an older mother. Since Delilah has not been seen for a good part of season 3, the fans are concerned that the actress Stéphanie Szostak might be leaving the show. If you have the same question in mind, here is what you need to know!

Where is Delilah on A Million Little Things?

In the third episode of season 3, Delilah decides to take her father to France. In the fifth episode, they are about to return home but are delayed because her father breaks his hip. In addition, the Coronavirus pandemic sweeps over the world, causing the countries to close international borders. So, Delilah and her father have been stuck in Europe since then.

Back home, things aren’t smooth for Delilah at work or on the family front. She and Regina almost lose their restaurant because of an error that Carter makes. At the same time, Gary is living with his girlfriend at Delilah’s place while he is responsible for her kids. Naturally, Delilah finds herself torn between her father and her kids since they all need her.

Is Stephanie Szostak Leaving A Million Little Things?

There have been no public statements made by the series creator D.J. Nash or Stéphanie Szostak that confirms the latter’s exit from the show. In an interview with New York Post on March 5, 2021, D.J. Nash said, “Delilah and her predicament is an active part of this season.” He said that it would be interesting to see Delilah go through the situation where she thinks that she is neither able to do right by her father nor her children.

Moreover, the fans on Twitter asked if Delilah would return in the third season, to which Nash replied, “Wait for it.” This possibly means that there is possibly an interesting storyline coming up for Delilah. Szostak also posted on Instagram, stating that Delilah is very much in tune with all that is happening in Boston even though she is away in France. Therefore, the fans can take a sigh of relief and wait to see what the future holds for Delilah.

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