Where is Diana Rasmussen Now? Update

Investigation Discovery’s ‘The TikTok Man: Catching a Predator’ is a Danish six-part docuseries that focuses on a man accused of sexually assaulting and threatening multiple girls who were primarily underage. Diana Rasmussen, a mother of two, set out trying to do the impossible: she wanted to bring this man to justice and put him behind bars. Her hard work eventually paid off when the authorities convicted him of several sex crimes. So, if you’re wondering how Diana got involved and where she might be today, here’s what we know!

Who is Diana Rasmussen?

Diana’s crusade for justice took shape in November 2020 when this man messaged her daughters on Facebook. At the time, they were only 16 and 13 years old. She said, “I know he deliberately went after my children because I rejected him. The day I found out he was writing to my 13-year-old daughter, I wrote to him that it would be my personal mission to find him.”

In a fit of frustration, she wrote about him on Facebook, which resulted in multiple women contacting her, talking about the same man and his deplorable behavior. As per the show, many of these women accused the person of sexual assault and rape and complained about how he targeted younger girls, some as young as only eight years old. This led Diana to make a Facebook group for the survivors so they could have a place to talk about what happened to them.

However, Diana was also surprised that no action was being taken. She added, “I felt I had to do something. I could not understand why no one had gathered all these girls. Why people just did not care.” Over time, she heard from women who accused him of stalking and abuse, generally finding displaying his predatory behavior on social media. Diana further stated, “I have been in contact with many girls and women throughout Denmark. The stories span a period of 16 years, and before there was anything called TikTok and Snapchat at all.”

Where is Diana Rasmussen Today?

As per the show, when Diana initially talked to the police in late 2020, the case wasn’t taken seriously. That eventually led to her posting on Facebook about the whole situation. She spoke about being accused of a witch hunt, but she felt redemption when the man was finally convicted of rape and several other charges in 2021. Diana said, “Finally, there are some who trust us. Finally, there are some who believe in the girls. So that means everything.”

Diana’s relentless pursuit for justice ultimately paid off, and it was her empathy toward the survivors that really pushed her. She said, “We are talking about very vulnerable girls, so they are the perfect victims. These are vulnerable young people that I was, that I could see a lot of myself in. This does not only apply to the victims who are now and have been; it applies to the victims who could come.” Diana currently lives in Copenhagen, Denmark, and social media indicates that she is a single mother. She enjoys spending time with family and friends and, from what we can tell, used to be a fitness instructor.

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