Where is Dominic From ‘My 600-lb Life’ Now?

Obesity is devastating — emotionally and physically; we all know that. It makes you lose your health, confidence and also hinders you from enjoying the best moments of your life. Sometimes, it gets so severe that you cannot carry out even the daily, normal activities. Now, what if obesity is coupled with homelessness and a financial crisis? The situation gets even worse.

Well, this is exactly the case with the Hernandez brothers, who do not have a home to call their own. They are the subjects of My 600-Lb Life Season 8 Episode 13. So who are they and what are their backstories? Let’s find out.

Who is Dominic & What’s His Story?

Dominic Hernandez is 37 years old and at such a young age, he weighs above 600 pounds. Because of his massive weight, it is almost impossible for him to find any employment. The same is the case with his elder brother James, aged 44 years. Things took a worse turn when they had to sell off their family house.

The siblings are residents of California, which is already known for its sky-high rents and fewer housing options. As a result, James and Dominic have no option but to stay on the streets. The only option left for them is to buy a mobile van and take shelter for the time being.

Now, this condition also affects Dominic’s food choices. Since the siblings depend only on government assistance to sustain themselves, they usually satisfy their hunger with the unhealthiest junk, including cheap salty and fatty processed foods, fast food, and snacks — all of which are high on carbs and calories. As a result, their increasing weight is extremely worrying.

Where is Dominic Now?

Seeing no other way out, Dominic and James finally head to Dr. Now’s clinic in Houston to seek his advice. The celebrity surgeon is shocked after listening to their story but he assures them that he will try his best. And since both the brothers are in this together, their chances of losing weight are much high. James is also overweight but his health is not that critical like his younger sibling.

Now, in order to get back on track, Dominic and James need to find a stable and permanent house where they can cook healthy meals at home. But things are always easier said than done. The duo, to date, has been living in a van and are used to unhealthy ways of living. So they really need to be determined and focused if they wish to get back to being healthy.

You can watch a short clip of Dominic’s story from episode 13 below:

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