Where is Donna Moonda Now?

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Donna Moonda was present when her husband, Gulam Moonda, was shot to death in an incident she later claimed to be a highway robbery. The tragic incident appeared to have left her broken as she seemingly could not come to grips with the crushing hand fate dealt her. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Highway to Hell: Murder in the Fast Lane’ investigates the heinous murder and shows how the police investigation led straight back to Donna, proving her falsehood. If this case piques your interest and you want to know where Donna Moonda is at present, we have you covered.

Who Is Donna Moonda?

Donna Moonda and her husband had a significant age difference, although they never allowed it to come in between them. Sharing a residence in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, the couple seemed extremely happy in their married life. Gulam often showered his wife with gifts, and according to reports, even paid for her higher education. Their neighbors and acquaintances envied the love the couple shared and believed that Donna and Gulam were meant to last.

Image Credit: Oxygen/Killer Couples

While still being married to Gulam, Donna was convicted of stealing narcotics. However, Gulam personally asked for leniency, and Donna was let off with probation and an order to attend rehab. Unknown to Gulam, Donna met and got quite close to Damian Bradford, whom she met while in rehab. Although Damian was younger than Donna and was in rehab for drug abuse, the older woman soon began an illicit affair with him. The show even claims that Donna went so far as to help him financially in buying a car and renting an apartment. Over time, Donna realized that she had to get rid of Gulam to be with Damian. Moreover, killing Gulam would get her his significant life insurance money and the rest of his estate.

Thus, deciding on the sinister plan, she asked her young lover to shoot Gulam in the guise of a highway robbery. On May 13, 2005, Donna, her mother, and Gulam were traveling along the Ohio Turnpike when they stopped neat an emergency pull off. No sooner did they stop than a dark van pulled over and a man with a gun stole Gulam’s wallet before fatally shooting him in the head. The doctor died on the spot, and police were not able to get a proper lead apart from a 9mm handgun shell casing.

According to the show, the investigation blew wide open when the police received an anonymous call which tipped them off on the nature of Donna and Damian’s relationship. Searching Damian’s house, the police discovered several $50 bills and steroids that seemingly belonged to Gulam. Moreover, Donna subsequently confessed to her affair, although she claimed that her husband was aware of it.

The police initially faced a hitch in their investigation as Damian’s fiancee, Charlene, claimed that Damian was with her throughout the night of the murder. However, using cell phone records and locations, the police were able to disprove the alibi and found Damian to be present on the scene of the murder. Based on their findings, Damian was arrested, but he agreed to a plea deal and told authorities that Donna was the mastermind behind Gulam’s murder.

Where Is Donna Moonda Now?

Based on Damian’s testimony, Donna was arrested and charged with her husband’s murder. According to Damian’s plea deal, he had to testify against his former lover, which went a long way towards helping the jury find Donna guilty. Ultimately, Donna was convicted on a count of murder-for-hire, two counts of using a firearm during a crime of violence, and a single count of interstate stalking resulting in death. Subsequently, in 2007, she was sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole for murder-for-hire, while her other convictions netted her a total of 360 months in jail along with five years of supervised release.

Due to Donna still being on probation from her previous narcotics thievery conviction, her involvement in Gulam’s murder was seen as a violation, as a result of which she was given a consecutive sentence of 18 months to three years in prison. Over the years, Donna has tried but in vain to overturn her conviction, and thus, at present, she remains incarcerated in the Federal Correctional Institution, Tallahassee in Tallahassee, Florida.

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