Where is Dr. John Boockvar Today? 

‘Lenox Hill’ shows the lives of four physicians who find several kinds of motivation in the work they do. The everyday heroes are met with both success and failures, but they also know that backing out is not really an option as they are committed to those who rely on their treatment. 

Who is Dr. John Boockvar?

Dr. John Boockvar is the Vice-Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. Along with this, he is a professor at Neurological Surgery and Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery at the Zucker School of Medicine. As someone who is constantly striving to improve medical research in his area of interest, he directs the Laboratory for Brain Tumor Biology and Therapy at Feinstein Institutes for Medical Research. 

Dr. Boockvar, who has an extensive professional profile, is also a dedicated neurosurgeon as one can evidently witness in the documentary. True to his practice, his motto is to stick to treatment and surgical measures that aim to improve the quality of life of his patients. The documentary also throws much light on the personal motivations of Dr. Boockvar, which predominantly stems from his father, who passed away due to cancer, as well as his family, who keep him committed to do his best. The documentary also shows the joys and sorrows he has to witness on a day-to-day basis, the most painful one being him telling one of his patients that they no longer should pursue surgeries as it may just tamper with their quality of life without much success. Dr. Boockvar thus shows that being a physician is no easy job but that its true happiness lies in being able to help someone lead a better life than they did yesterday. He is also an ardent researcher, who has several publications to his merit.

Where is Dr. John Boockvar Now? 

Dr. John Boockvar is more than concerned about how the COVID-19 situation has taken a toll on the healthcare system. In an interview, he said, “Well frankly, we are scared. The whole health care industry is scared. We feel that we are not prepared from a protection equipment perspective, and frankly, once that gets put into place, we’ll be ready, willing, and able to provide protection that the American public expects from us.” He further stated that they are being pulled into the emergency front lines when it comes to dealing with the rising COVID-19 cases. Additionally, he put emphasis on the kind of resources that are more than essential in such a scenario. 

As someone deeply into medical research, in a recent study that talked about how one could use neuro endoscopes with iPhones to make them more cost-effective, he said, “It surely would be a cheap alternative to some of the high-tech stuff that we do.” Recently, Dr. Boockvar stated that ‘Lenox Hill’ was filmed over 18 months, and that it took a significant amount of time, considering the kind of trust their patients had in them to allow themselves to be filmed. He said, “Its intent was, to tell the truth, and to show, and expose the beauty of what goes on inside these great walls of hospitals across the nation, and really to tell the stories of the patients, and their sufferings, and their success, and their crying and the laughing, and the joys and the tears that go with it.” He also stated that the pandemic is unlike anything that we have ever seen before. 

Dr. Boockvar is quite active on a range of social media platforms. One of his recent tweets includes Mayor Keisha Bottoms’s take on the recent protests of ‘Black Lives Matter.’ He also retweeted a post of Lenox Hill staff taking a knee in solidarity with George Floyd protesters. 

In another tweet, he stresses the importance of wearing masks due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases.

On his Facebook page, he shared his joy in Northwell Health being named the best healthcare system for diversity.

He was recently part of a webinar on Zoom that shared tips on how to combat COVID-19. Dr. Boockvar also has an extensive LinkedIn profile and shares several updates on the field of neurosurgery.

Recently, he posted a video in which he talks about a blood-brain barrier permeability kit, which according to him might just make a difference when it comes to dealing with the human brain. On the personal front, he is quite vocal about his pride and love for his family. This is evident not only from the documentary but also from his Instagram and Facebook page. It is a portfolio of cherished family moments, along with other social updates.

As both a neurosurgeon and a dedicated medical researcher, Dr. Boockvar seems to be on an established road to make some significant changes. 

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