Where Is Eddie Lucas From Below Deck Now?

Image Credit: Eddie Lucas/Instagram

Below Deck‘ is an interesting reality show that offers us a sneak peek into the everyday lives of a luxury yacht crew as they balance personal and professional commitments while dealing with demanding guests simultaneously. Likewise, fans of the franchise will be familiar with Edward “Eddie” Lucas, who initially appeared as a Deckhand in season 1. Although Eddie left in season 3 only to return about five seasons later, fans were disappointed when they could not find him anywhere in season 10. Well, with the cameras now turned away, let’s delve into Eddie’s life and find out where he is at present, shall we?

Who Is Edward “Eddie” Lucas?

A native of Towson, Maryland, Eddie stepped into the spotlight when he got the opportunity to appear on ‘Below Deck’ season 1 as a deckhand. However, he soon proved his worth as an asset to the whole team and put his heart and soul into everything he was asked to do. Moreover, viewers also loved his cheerful and friendly disposition, and it did not take long for Eddie to become a fan favorite cast member. Subsequently, Eddie returned as a Deckhand in season 2 but soon worked his way up to become a bosun, effectively earning everyone’s respect.

Moreover, season 3 also documented his boatmance with fellow stewardess Rocky Dakota, although the show later revealed that Eddie already had a girlfriend, and the affair threatened to end their relationship. Hence, once season 3 ended, Eddie decided to take a break from the reality show in order to get his personal life in order. Naturally, fans soon started missing Eddie on ‘Below Deck’ and were delighted when the show confirmed his return in season 8.

Moreover, when questioned about his return, Eddie claimed he had grown wiser and would not be repeating the same mistakes that put a strain on his relationship in the first place. In fact, he began working with renewed vigor and even moved up the ranks to become a first officer. However, his time on the show was abruptly cut short when the reality star announced that he wouldn’t be returning in season 10.

When discussing the decision to leave ‘Below Deck,’ Eddie insisted that apart from not receiving an invitation to be a part of season 10, he did not even get a call from the producers informing him about their decision to rule him out. Moreover, around the same time, he also revealed the truth about staff salaries on ‘Below Deck’ and claimed that their payscale was some of the entertainment industry’s lowest. Yet, he did leave the door open for a reconciliation, and fans are still hoping for his return to the franchise.

Where Is Edward “Eddie” Lucas Now?

Eddie currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland, where he has built up a wonderful life surrounded by his family and friends. Furthermore, in January of 2022, Eddie revealed he had hit a major milestone in his life as he finally purchased a house with his own money before moving in with his girlfriend and his dog, Bert LR Lucas. Besides, while the reality star loved sharing snippets from his life with his followers on social media, most of his Instagram post highlights Eddie’s passion for traveling as well as sailing, and it looks like he has been enjoying life to the fullest.

Meanwhile, we are happy to report that Eddie passed another significant milestone in his professional life when he was promoted to the Captain of a Baltimore tugboat named Lynne Moran. He even talked about his promotion in a January 2023 interview with Bravo TV, where he explained the hard work behind his success and said, “A lot of it was just hard work, keeping your mouth shut, being quiet. You know that whole ‘squeaky wheel gets the grease’? Well, the squeaky wheel also gets replaced. So just keep your head down and your nose to the grindstone and work hard. And do the right thing.” Hence, even without ‘Below Deck,’ Eddie has been enjoying quite a bit of success in his life, and we wish him the best for the years to come.

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