Where is Elina Manninen Now?

‘Hold Your Breath: The Ice Dive’ is a documentary that is as inspiring as it is exciting, especially considering the way it follows a Finnish freediving pioneer as she attempts to break a world record. In other words, this Netflix original delves deep into Johanna Nordblad’s recent journey of diving 103 meters from one ice hole to another while wearing nothing but a swimsuit and a mask. So now that we know the one individual who stood by her at every step of the way was none other than her sister Elina Manninen, let’s find out all there’s to know about her, shall we?

Who is Elina Manninen?

As Johanna Nordblad’s elder sibling, Elina Manninen essentially knows everything concerning her “baby sister’s” passions, hopes, dreams, and beliefs, most of which sparked at an early age. Yet this aspect never helped ease her worries because she also understood that her sister — whom the family once referred to as “monkey” owing to her vitality — always pushed things further. With both of them being close as well as creative people, though, they not only work on several professional projects together, but she also aids in Johanna’s training as much as possible.

“I do worry,” Elina said in the documentary. “I don’t want to see her in trouble. I don’t want to see her blackout [if she stays under the water too long]. Sometimes I think, what if something happens…and she’s not here. We talk about the worst-case scenario because we have to know what that is. I’m sort of prepared for that. I wouldn’t wanna see it, but I would be there.” Elina was then asked if she’d rather have Johanna not even attempt the long ice dive, to which she tearfully replied, “No, I definitely think she should be doing this. She loves it.” But yes, having faced her own fears, she was the most relieved when it was finally, positively over.

Where is Elina Manninen Now?

Residing on the Lauttasaari Island in Helsinki, Finland, Elina Manninen is not just a professional photographer, but she’s also an entrepreneur as well as a water lover like her sister. Therefore, the duo currently owns and operates the Green Water Production company, offering services such as brand marketing, digital marketing, underwater photo productions, and movie productions, among much more. As if that’s not enough, the family woman even does portrait, lifestyle, children, and clothing shoots for individuals, local labels, and international organizations — her specialization is working with people (rather than places/objects/materials) in front of the camera.

Elina admits to being a lifelong observer who sees much more than what meets the eye, so those emotions and soon-to-be memories are what she tries to capture. This authenticity is how she has managed to gain experience in Australia as well as New Zealand and have her work be featured in several reputed magazines, films, and television shows over the years. These include Oprah Magazine, Observer Magazine, Vogue Portugal, Marie Claire Korea/Spain, Elle Taiwan/Brazil/Hungary, and Look Austria, along with ‘Faut pas Rever’ (France3), ‘Extreme päiväkirjat Dplay,’ and the ‘Big vs. Small’ documentary, amongst many more.

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