Where Is Estibaliz “Esti” Carranza Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: The Blame Game’ portrays how Estibaliz “Esti” Carranza murdered both her husband and her lover in cold blood before dismembering their bodies and burying them in the cellar. Her crimes would have gone completely unnoticed if not for construction workers who accidentally dug up the remains. The investigation that followed left no stones unturned as it gradually honed down on the suspect and finally brought her to justice. If this case intrigues you and you want to know where Estibaliz Carranza is at present, we have you covered.

Who Is Estibaliz “Esti” Carranza?

Estibaliz, or Esti, is a Mexican-Spanish immigrant who settled down in Vienna, Austria, and began running an ice cream parlor by the name of Schlekeria cafe. According to reports, she previously resided in Germany, where she came across and began dating Holger Holz. Holz and Esti tied the knot in 2002 before moving to Vienna in 2005, where they opened the ice cream parlor in the Meidling district.

Initially, their marriage was quite happy, and Esti looked forward to a wonderful life. However, Holz reportedly turned quite lazy, and Esti alleged that he became verbally abusive. Esti saw these differences as irreconcilable, and thus the couple decided to divorce. However, Etsi further claimed that Holz did not want to move out of their house even after their divorce, and Esti, who had another lover at that time, did not take kindly to such behavior. Thus, with murder on her mind, she shot her ex-husband dead on April 27, 2008, before dismembering his body with a chainsaw and burying the remains in cement in her basement.

For the following two years, Esti remained happy with her lover, Manfred Hinterberger, as the two looked forward to a life together. However, she soon began suspecting Manfred of being unfaithful, which led to numerous altercations between the two. Besides, the show even stated that Manfred wanted Esti to change a lot of her ways which she was completely opposed to. Thus, sick of her relationship and still suspecting infidelity, Esti took up a pistol and shot Manfred to death on the night of November 21, 2010. After the murder, she followed the same modus operandi and dismembered the body before mixing it with concrete and burying it under her basement.

Where Is Estibaliz “Esti” Carranza Now?

While the two men vanished without a trace, Esti would’ve gotten away with the murders because no one suspected her. However, a chance construction work in June of 2011 revealed the remains leading to a massive police investigation into the crimes. Esti had already fled to Italy by that time but was soon apprehended and extradited to Austra to face charges. Court documents alleged that Esti switched on the ice cream machine at her parlor to mask the sound of the chainsaw while dismembering the bodies.

Reports even say that in order for the murders to be perfect, Esti took shooting classes and read up on how to mix concrete properly. Once put on trial, Esti was convicted of both murders and dubbed “a highly dangerous woman ready to do anything.” As a result, she was sentenced to life imprisonment at a secure psychiatric unit in 2012. Interestingly, when arrested in 2011, Esti was already two months pregnant by a man named Roland, whom she married while in prison. If reports are to be believed, then the two went on to split up after a few years.

Besides, in 2014, Esti teamed up with journalist Martina Prewein to pen down and publish her memoir titled ‘My Two Lives: The True Story of the Ice Lady,’ the proceeds of which now go to her child. Esti, who is also infamously known as the “Ice Cream Killer,” was moved to an all-male prison in 2017. This facility is located in Asten, Austria. Her lawyers, however, were ultimately trying to relocate her to a correctional facility in Spain.

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