Where Is Jody Herring Now?

When Jody Herring shot and killed social worker Lara Sobel outside the Department for Children and Families in Barre, Vermont, authorities had no idea about the three other victims connected to the crime. The bodies of sisters Rhonda and Regina Herring, as well as Jody’s aunt, Julie Falzarano, were later discovered from their Berlin, Vermont, home.

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: The Blame Game’ chronicles all four murders and shows how a remorseless act fueled by fury tore a happy family apart. If this case tickles your interest and you want to know where Jody Herring is at present, we have you covered.

Who Is Jody Herring?

The show portrayed Jody as a disturbed woman who had almost lost herself to drug and alcohol abuse. Substance abuse took a tremendous toll on Jody’s life and ended everything she had going on. According to the show, she went on a massive downward spiral after a rough breakup and, at one point in time, even tried to take her own life.

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Although she had people to support and help her, they were growing increasingly concerned about her health and well-being. Besides, with Jody being a mother, her behavior forced her children to face neglect and a less than ideal childhood. Thus, worried about the kids, Jody’s family members contacted the Department for Children and Families in order to report her and safeguard the children, as per the show.

The DCF carried out their investigation, which led to Jody losing custody of her children. With her life already spiraling out of control, this seemed to be the last straw, as Jody could not endure being separated from her children, especially her 9-year-old. Thus, determining her cousins Rhonda and Regina Herring as well as her aunt, Julie Falzarano, to be responsible, Jody set out to exact revenge. Although Rhonda, Regina, and Julie’s bodies were recovered later, authorities believed they died on the same day Jody killed social worker Lara Sobel.

Lara, who was on Jody’s children’s case, was singled out as the one responsible for taking away her kids. Thus, arming herself with a shotgun, Jody killed Rhonda, Regina, and Julie at their Berlin home on August 7, 2015, before driving down to Lara’s workplace in downtown Barre. Lara was brutally gunned down as she walked from the Department for Children and Families building to her car. The very next day, another of Jody’s cousins, Tiffany Herring-Flint, discovered the triple murder in Berlin and immediately contacted the police, who already had Jody in custody.

Where Is Jody Herring Now?

According to the show, Tiffany was convinced of her cousin’s role in the murders as she knew that Jody blamed the three victims for separating her from her children. Besides, Tiffany testified in court how she overheard Jody Herring screaming expletives and death threats at one of the victims shortly before murdering them in cold blood. Moreover, with Jody having a significant motive for murder, detectives were able to connect all four slayings to her, leading to the suspect being charged with murder.

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Once in court, Jody pleaded guilty to three second-degree murders as well as the first-degree murder of Lara Sobel. In 2017, her second-degree murder pleas netted her three 20 years to life sentences, while the first-degree murder conviction saw her sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Jody even tried to get her sentencing overturned but failed to do so. Although Jody’s present prison records show her as being “out of state,” with no parole on her plate, we can safely assume that she is still behind bars in a United States prison.

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