Where is Ferdinand Augello Today? How Did Francis Mulholland Die?

Discovery+’s ‘Doctor’s Orders’ brings to the viewers the story of how a New Jersey radio host’s murder was solved. 47-year-old April Kauffman’s murder investigation in 2012 went cold until about five years later when authorities uncovered evidence in another case that blew this one wide open. In the end, her husband, James, was accused of soliciting her murder. Ferdinand Augello and Francis Mulholland were also implicated in the crime. So, if you’re wondering what happened to them in the aftermath of the investigation, we’ve got you covered.

Who Are Ferdinand Augello and Francis Mulholland?

April Kauffman was shot to death at her home in Linwood, New Jersey, on May 10, 2012. About five years later, the dominoes quickly fell, with evidence seemingly pointing towards James, Ferdinand, and Francis being involved with her death. James’ arrest at his office in June 2017 precipitated these events. The authorities believed that James, an endocrinologist, ran an illicit drug operation from his office with Ferdinand Augello, the former president of the Pagan Outlaw Motorcycle Club.

According to reports, Ferdinand would send people to James, who would, in turn, write free prescriptions for OxyContin. Ferdinand had at least two people who were recruiting for him. Sometimes, the recruits brought more people. According to the police, April was killed because she wanted to divorce James and threatened to tell the authorities of the drug ring. So, James allegedly asked Ferdinand to look for someone who would kill April.

Ferdinand asked around within the club and ended up with Francis Mulholland, a Pagan associate of Joseph Mulholland, a member of the club. Francis went to the Kauffmans’ home, entered the unlocked door, and shot April in her bedroom. The drug operation continued until James’ arrest in 2017. Both Ferdinand and James were charged with April’s murder. However, in January 2018, James killed himself in his jail cell before his trial ever started.

Ferdinand, though, stood trial in late 2018, where Joseph Mulholland testified regarding the murder. He said that Ferdinand threatened to kill him if he didn’t drive Francis to April’s house. According to Joseph, Ferdinand’s wife, Beverly, picked up the money from James and gave it to Ferdinand. The authorities believed that the Mullhollands received at least $20,000 for the murder.

Where is Ferdinand Augello Now? How Did Francis Mulholland Die?

While James Kauffman was in jail, Ferdinand was also accused of hatching a plot to have him killed. In October 2018, Ferdinand was convicted of murder, conspiracy to commit murder, racketeering, and other charges. About two months later, he was sentenced to life in prison plus an additional thirty years. Ferdinand claimed that he was just the scapegoat and not the leader of the drug trafficking ring.

As per prison records, Ferdinand remains incarcerated at the New Jersey State Prison in Trenton, Mercer County. He will be eligible for parole in 2073. Francis never faced prosecution because the police found him dead in his living room about a year and a half after April’s murder. He overdosed on heroin. Francis was 46 years old at the time.

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