Where is Game of Talents Filmed?

‘Game of Talents’ is a mystery variety game show that follows an enthralling hybrid format that features two teams of contestants battling it out against each other for prize money of $200,00. With Wayne Brady as the host, the contestants try to guess the mystery performers’ hidden talents based on first impressions and a bunch of clues.

A part of the show’s charm is it always keeps its contestants and audience on the toes and guessing what’s next. If the secretive nature of the series appealed to you and made you curious about its filming location, we can solve the mystery for you (it’s one of our talents). Here’s everything we know about the filming of ‘Game of Talents.’

Game of Talents Filming Location

The US version of the hit eponymous game show is produced by Fremantle, which is based out of Los Angeles, California. The production takes place in an indoor studio complex in Southern California. A set specially designed according to the show’s format is used for filming the game show. The set was supposedly built in December 2020, and filming most likely began later that month. Let’s take a look at the specific filming locations of ‘Game of Talents.’

Long Beach, California

Filming of ‘Game of Talents’ takes place on an elaborate set constructed at Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center located at 300 E Ocean Boulevard, Long Beach, CA 90802. The venue comprises Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach Arena, and the Long Beach Performing Arts Center. The Long Beach Arena is the primary section used for filming and houses the game show’s massive set.

Long Beach Arena is one of the oldest structures in the complex and boasts a capacity ranging between 12,500 and 14,500 seats, depending on the event and seating arrangements. The arena features 46,000 square feet of space, with an additional 29,000 square feet in the concourse and 19,000 square feet of space in the lobby. It was originally opened in 1962 as Long Beach Municipal Auditorium and demolished in 1975 to facilitate the convention center’s construction.

The arena has hosted many prestigious events in the past, including the volleyball events of the 1984 Summer Olympic Games and live music concerts of artists such as Elvis Presley, Eagles, and Iron Maiden. The arena also consists of the Pacific Room (previously known as Pacific Ballroom), a modern meeting space that hosts smaller banquet events such as receptions and concerts and has a seating capacity ranging from 2,990 to 4,890.

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