Where is Gene Hart Now?

When the authorities arrested Diane Hart and Vickie Brill in November 2013, it was for trying to hire a hitman to kill Diane’s husband at the time, Gene Hart. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Twisted Sisters: Murder Has Two Faces’ focuses on the sisters’ relationship and what led to the plan to have Gene killed. Thanks to a timely tip in addition to swift action from the authorities, the plot was never put into motion. So, if you’re curious about what happened to Gene since then, here’s what we know.

Who is Gene Hart?

Gene Michael Hart met Diane at a bar in Ravenna, Michigan, sometime in 1994. Back then, Diane was divorced and the mother of two daughters. She had been in town visiting her sister, Vickie Brill, and the two went to a local bar one night. Diane and Gene hit it off pretty well and began to date, eventually marrying in May 1996. He worked at a turkey processing plant and was later promoted, meaning he worked long hours.

As per the show, Gene raised Diane’s daughters as his own and adopted them sometime after the wedding. Later on, one of Diane’s daughters got pregnant, and the child’s custody was turned over to Diane. While Gene spent a lot of time at work, Diane hung out with Vickie. According to the show, he thought Vickie was a bad influence because of her spending habits. So, Gene then put a limit on Diane’s spending.

In September 2013, Diane met an old flame and decided to start things up with him again. By November 2013, it was stated on the show that Diane had decided to leave Gene. The increasing conflict led to her filing for divorce in the same month. However, the authorities eventually found out through Gene, and Diane’s twin brother, Dean, that Diane and Vickie were looking to hire someone to kill Gene. The police foiled that plan through an undercover operation and saved Gene’s life.

Where is Gene Hart Now?

Through investigation, the authorities learned that the sisters had already tried killing Gene once about a month prior. As per the show, Diane and Vickie mixed in viagra and sleeping pills into his ice cream. However, Gene didn’t die; he only fell sick. He later told the authorities that he wasn’t sure if Diane could take such a step but was confident about Vickie planning to have him killed. She was considered to be manipulative. It was stated on the show that Gene remarried and moved on with his life. From what we can tell, he lives in Fruitport, Michigan, and has chosen to stay away from public attention.

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