Where is Gerard Pepin Now?

At the outset, Gerard Pepin’s life seemed to be perfect in 2011. He was living in Florida with his wife and worked as a clinical supervisor and psychotherapist. However, in May that year, he was accused of sexual misconduct and later convicted of it. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Love, Honor, Betray: In Those We Trust’ focuses on Gerard’s crimes and the double life he led. So, if you’re curious about where he might be now, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Gerard Pepin?

In May 2011, Gerard lived in Daytona, Florida, with his wife of five years, Deborah Jones. He worked at the local Salvation Army, counseling at-risk youth and recovering drug addicts. However, on the fourteenth of that month, he was accused of coercing one of his clients to perform oral sex on him. Initially, Gerard denied the charges and, as per the show, only admitted to giving her a vibrator. The police didn’t have any physical evidence to arrest him back then, and hence, the case stalled.

The authorities later learned that in 2005, when Gerard was working in Maine, he lost his license after being accused of hiring one of his former clients as his secretary. The client later added, “He said if you won’t date me and you won’t provide sexual favors, I’m going to call the state on you, and I’m going to have the kids removed.” Eventually, Gerard moved to Florida, where he was accused of sexual misconduct. His ex-wife, Deborah, worked for the authorities after that for about a year and a half to garner a confession regarding the allegations leveled against him in Daytona.

In the years that followed, Gerard remarried, and in June 2014, he was arrested in Panama City, Florida, after the authorities felt they had enough evidence against him. While out on bond, Gerard and his wife, Gina, were involved in an accident in Georgia that killed Gina. The police later found a suicide note at the motel room they were staying in. Also found in the room was blood splatter from self-inflicted neck injuries. Gerard pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and assisting suicide, receiving five years in prison and ten years probation for that.

The woman from the Salvation Army, who was 24 years old at the time of the incident, later testified regarding the events on May 14, 2011. According to her, Gerard found a letter she had written to one of the men at the program, which was against the rules. She stated that Gerard gave her a vibrator and guided it toward her genital area. Then, he threatened to report her unless she performed oral sex on him. Not wanting to go back to jail, she did what he asked her to do.

Where is Gerard Pepin Now?

Gerard then pleaded guilty to the charges of sexual battery under special circumstances and sexual misconduct by a psychotherapist. In February 2019, he was sentenced to 20 years for sexual battery and five years for sexual misconduct. The sentences were to be served concurrently. Gerard was also designated as a sexual predator.

He said during the sentencing, “What happened to me at that time in my life was I had turned my back on God and turned my back on my recovery as well. And I hurt people. I became the person that I really didn’t like the most. I used people.” Gerard remains incarcerated at the Jefferson Correctional Institution in Monticello, Florida. His projected release date is in 2035.

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