Where is Greg Sherwood Now?

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A relentless crime spree beginning in the afternoon of January 30, 2014, ended with one officer dead and another seriously injured. Jose Angel Garcia-Jauregui and Meagan Grunwald were involved in a high-speed police chase until the authorities caught up to them. But by then, Jose had shot and killed Cory Wride and later injured Greg Sherwood. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Forbidden: Dying for Love: Hell’s Angel’ focuses on the story behind Jose and Meagan’s run of crime and how Greg made a miraculous recovery. So, let’s find out more about him then, shall we?

Who is Greg Sherwood?

After Cory was shot several times while in his patrol car, Jose and Meagan fled the scene immediately. Greg, who heard from dispatch regarding the shooting, was on the lookout for the pickup truck, finding it moments later. He later said in court, “I knew what these people were capable of. And I was angry because of what they had done to Cory Wride, my co-worker. I worked side by side with him on the SWAT team. I was ready to hold these people accountable for their actions.”

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Once Greg turned the police lights on, Jose and Meagan’s car pumped the brake, and then two gunshots rang out. One of them hit Greg in the head, leading to a blackout. However, he later said that training kicked in, and he got the car to a stop. The officer was rushed to the hospital, where he underwent multiple surgeries and was on a long road to recovery. When Greg testified at Meagan’s trial, he was still only working in a limited capacity, focusing more on getting better.

In 2019, Greg remembered how it was working towards getting back on his feet. He said, “After the injury, I had balance problems, memory problems. … I had a hard time concentrating, hypersensitivity to sound — noises, people. I had a hard time being in groups of people. (It was) overwhelming with hypersensitivity, couldn’t filter out all the noise with the brain injury.” While Meagan was initially convicted of attempting to murder Greg, an appeals court overturned that decision in 2018.

Where is Greg Sherwood Now?

Greg wasn’t sure if he would ever return to working like he used to. He also talked about dealing with survivor’s guilt in the aftermath. Apart from seeing therapists, Greg was lucky to have supportive colleagues and a loving wife and son. He added, “My biggest motivating factor was this person had already taken so much from the sheriff’s office, from the law enforcement community, from myself and my family, I wasn’t going to let him take any more from me.”

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Greg also said that visiting the place where he was shot had been therapeutic and helped with his recovery. He chose to speak up and share his story so others on the force could know that making a physical and mental recovery from such trauma was possible with treatment and help. Greg went back to work with the K-9 squad full time just three and a half years after the incident. Today, he lives in Utah and, in 2020, became a detective as well.

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