Where is Helen and Megan’s Sister Ashley Hargan Now?

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CBS News’ ’48 Hours: Death Hits Home: The Hargan Killings’ focuses on the shocking saga that unfolded in McLean, Virginia, starting in July 2017. 63-year-old Pamela Hargan and her daughter, Helen Hargan, were found dead in their home one afternoon. While initial reports suggested a murder-suicide, it turned out that Megan Hargan, 23-year-old Helen’s sister, was the guilty one. Amidst all this, Ashley Hargan, the third sister, struggled to reconcile with what happened. So, if you’re wondering how she might be doing today, here’s what we know.

Who is Ashley Hargan?

At the time of the incident, Megan, her daughter, and Helen were living with Pamela in a house in McLean. But on the afternoon of July 15, 2017, Megan and her daughter weren’t at home. What the police discovered were Pamela and Helen’s bodies, with both suffering from gunshot wounds caused by a .22-caliber rifle. Helen was the youngest sister, while Ashley Hargan was the middle one.

Eventually, the police contacted the family, and Megan had been driving with her daughter to West Virginia when she received a call about the bodies being found. So, Megan turned around, and Ashley went there too. While talking to the police, Megan and Ashley were distraught, crying and saying several times, “I don’t understand!” But minutes later, Megan pointed to Helen as the killer.

Megan told the police that Pamela wanted to cancel building a new house that she had planned to give Helen. That was because Pamela disapproved of Helen’s boyfriend and her plan to move in with him. As a result, Helen was frustrated. Megan added, “Helen had been so angry all the time over everything. I just don’t understand why. She could have the greatest life ever.” Ashley told the police that their mother suspected Helen was using drugs and wanted to hold an intervention. Furthermore, the middle sister stated that Helen had tried to kill herself in the past.

Where is Ashley Hargan Today?

Ultimately, it turned out that Megan killed her mother and sister because she wanted her mother’s money. She was convicted of the murders, and an emotional Ashley spoke in court, saying, “I can’t explain how terrifying it is to know that a murderer is in your family. I was supposed to be there that weekend.” She also talked about dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder and sleepless nights in the years after the murders.

Ashley, pregnant at the time of the trial in March 2022, lamented that her son would grow up without ever knowing his grandmother and aunt. For now, she has chosen to keep her life private, so little is known about what she currently does. From what we can tell, Ashley lives in Glenolden, Pennsylvania.

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