Jaclyn Feagin: Where is the Stalker Now?

When someone allows the feeling of jealousy to take over personal connections, love, as well as respect, the end result is nothing but pure mayhem that undeniably hurts every party involved. This is no secret to anyone who has ever been in a relationship, yet sometimes things still go to such an extreme that it turns into criminality — an example of which is the case of Jaclyn Feagin. So now that her matter has been carefully chronicled in Netflix’s ‘I Am A Stalker: Imminent Fear,’ let’s find out more about the same, her official sentence, and her current standing, shall we?

Who is Jaclyn Feagin?

It was back in early 2017 that Jaclyn met her husband Jesse through mutual friends, only for them to quickly develop an incredibly intense, passionate relationship unlike any they’d had before. They thus ended up welcoming a daughter in 2018 before tying the knot in 2019, but the truth is they did already have a few troubles owing to his bond with an ex-partner — the mother of his son. According to the episode, their young boy sadly passed away after a car accident on April 1, 2017, which obviously drove the parents closer together in grief yet also enabled them to evolve into more.

As per the production, not only were Jesse and his ex flirting despite Jaclyn asking them to solely speak of their son as a boundary, but she had also sent him an explicit photo of another woman. That’s when the latter decided she would seek her revenge and waited a year to ensure suspicion wouldn’t directly come her way since the two women had some choice words for one another. Jaclyn’s attack plan was simple; she knew the ex was a devout Christian (like most of her native East Texas), so she would play around with her faith as well as innate emotions to frighten her.

By this point, Jesse’s former girlfriend had already moved on — she was married and had a family of her own — yet it didn’t sway his then-wife because she’d already made her jealousy known. The first thing Jaclyn thus did was place a picture of the ex with a red pentagram drawn across her face, along with a burned candle, right outside the new couple’s front door on June 15, 2019. A few weeks later, on August 1, she left a pair of black male boxer shorts with a note reading, “just thought you should know” on her vehicle to seemingly imply the victim was always being watched.

Jaclyn then dropped off a sigil-painted mason jar filled with graveyard sand, a small voodoo doll with pins in its head, face, and heart, as well as a burned candle on the ex’s car on September 13. As if that’s not enough, just 11 days later, she placed a red-stained black leather scroll containing an eerie Latin passage, along with the victim’s initials, photo, and birthdate, again on her vehicle. While the sigils in the former reportedly signified death, delusion, destruction, horror, insanity, and pain individually, the passage in the latter essentially delivered a message or promise of demise.

The ex did contact the officials following the discovery of every item, yet it was only when the last one was left that CCTV cameras helped bring matters to a close by catching Jaclyn in the act. The 24-year-old’s mother, 46-year-old Kristina Ferguson, was also positively identified as an accomplice — she drove her daughter and encouraged the shenanigans without a hint of remorse. The duo were hence apprehended, yet it’s imperative to note that while neither denied their involvement for even a moment, they insisted all of it was utterly harmless and just a revenge prank.

Jaclyn Feagin Continues to Serve Her Probation

Because of the fear Jaclyn and her mother’s actions instilled in the ex, they were both charged with third-degree felony stalking under the bond of $75,000 and $150,000, respectively. The former’s bail was set lower despite her being the mastermind, ostensibly owing to the fact she seemed taken aback by the situation, in contrast to Kristina, who justified their acts as a “joke.” Jaclyn was aware her efforts could be considered criminal but simply couldn’t stop, according to ‘I Am A Stalker,’ so she admitted guilt by pleading in exchange for eight years of probation in early 2020. Her mother did the same, and part of their motive was no jail time.

Therefore, from what we can tell, at the age of 27, Jaclyn continues to serve her strict probation in her home state of Texas, all the while dedicating herself entirely to her young daughter. We say daughter and not family as she and Jesse had parted ways by the time her sentencing came around; plus, she’s not allowed to be in contact with her mother (or her ex’s ex) as part of her plea deal. It’s also imperative to note she seems regretful over her actions since she now understands she not only scared the ex-girlfriend but traumatized her long term, which was never truly her intention.

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