Where is Valdosta Wildcats and Grayson QB Jake Garcia Now?

Set in Valdosta, Georgia, a town where football is truly considered religion and winning is paramount, Netflix’s ‘Titletown High’ is an eight-part reality series that examines its high school team — the Wildcats. As the athletes navigate rivalries, relationships, and school while trying to clinch the state championship, we get an inside look into how they deal with adversity and competition. And one of the key players here, despite the fact that he only played in one game, was transfer and quarterback Jake Garcia. So now, if you’re curious to know more about him, we’ve got you covered.

Who is Jake Garcia?

Jake Garcia is a “five-star” quarterback who was deemed one of the most skilled in varsity football due to his accuracy and hard work. Back in 2020, he was the #18 prospect in the ESPN 300 even though he didn’t complete his high school seasons at the same place. After all, he attended La Habra High in Orange County and Narbonne High in Harbor City before migrating to Georgia when California elected to suspend the fall playing season due to covid-19. Since it was Jake’s senior year and he wanted to perform, he made his way to Valdosta and immediately became the starter.

At the first Wildcats game, Jake led his team to a 28-25 victory even with a hamstring issue in the field, but it also became his last. According to the show, to meet the state requirements, his parents had legally separated, but they told ESPN they planned on getting back together once the season was done, which sparked an inquiry by the GHSA. Jake was deemed ineligible, yet until the appeals process took place, he stayed with the Wildcats and guided them as best as possible. Once that was over, he transferred to Grayson High in Loganville after ensuring they had no matches with Valdosta.

Where is Jake Garcia Now?

Jake Garcia concluded his senior year as the star quarterback at Grayson, helping them earn the 7A Georgia State Championship. He threw almost 6,000 yards and had over 50 touchdowns in four varsity seasons. From there, instead of the University of Southern California, he moved on to the University of Miami. In September 2019, Jake committed to USC to play as a proud Trojan, but after a lot of consideration about what was the best opportunity for him, he de-committed in December 2020. That’s when Jake revealed that he’d chosen the Miami Hurricanes over everywhere else.

Today, Jake is happy in Miami as a freshman collegiate football player and dreams of making it to the next level. As per his social media profile, he is also a motivational speaker. With his overall tenacity, self-confidence, and determination, it’s evident that his career is only just beginning, so we can not wait to see what he does next. As he said on his Instagram recently, seen above, “It’s a marathon, but we’re gonna keep ballin till we’re the #1 topic📰.” In other words, for right now, the University of Miami and the Hurricanes are Jake’s home and family.

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