Where is Anti-Bullying Activist James McGibney Now?

Netflix’s ‘The Most Hated Man on the Internet’ chronicles how Hunter Moore was brought to justice for his actions. He founded a website that allowed users to post photographs, names, and social media information about others without permission. Scorned lovers usually did this for revenge. It ended in April 2012 when Hunter sold the domain to James McGibney, a web entrepreneur who was featured on the show. So, if you’re wondering how it all happened and where is James today, we’ve got you covered.

Who is James McGibney?

James McGibney joined the US Marines when he turned 18 and quickly realized he was good with computers and code. He said, “It’s amazing what you can do with a computer. Unlike people, it’s completely unfiltered – I get out of it exactly what I put into it.” After being part of a surveillance intelligence group in Japan, James moved to the Marine Security Guard Battalion at Quantico, Virginia. There, he used his cyber defense skills to provide security for embassies.

After leaving the Marines, James founded a tech startup that he sold in 2003 and then worked in various tech companies. In December 2011, he came across Hunter and his website after the latter appeared on ‘The Anderson Cooper Show.’ James then learned about reports of people killing themselves after their images were posted on the website. At that point, James resolved to take Hunter down.

James later said, “Everyone was slamming [Moore] and saying what an a-hole he was, but no one was doing anything to try to fix it. No doubt, [Moore] was the No. 1 Internet bully out there.” So, he initially decided to gain his trust and began advertising on his website. By then, James had founded CheaterVille, a website where people could anonymously post stories about people who cheated and even identify them.

After building some trust and rapport with Hunter, James said, “I really felt like I was getting through to him. So then I said, ‘Sell me your site,’ and he said, ‘What are you going to do with it?’ I said, ‘I’m going to shut it down immediately. I’m going to forward it to BullyVille.’ And we went back and forth on that for a while, and he finally agreed.” BullyVille, also founded by James, was a website for people to share their stories about being bullied and harassed.

In April 2012, Hunter sold his domain to James, and anyone visiting the website was redirected to BullyVille. James said, “The problem of IsAnyoneUp.com is now solved. In its place, BullyVille.com will exist to help people who are being bullied solve their problems through cooperation and thoughtfulness, rather than abuse.” Later on, Hunter was sentenced to time in federal prison for being involved in a hacking scheme to retrieve and post private pictures online.

Where is James McGibney Today?

James McGibney had to face some controversy when CheaterVille (closed in May 2015) was compared to Hunter’s website. In response, James said, “[CheaterVille.com] was not started for revenge or for malicious intent. It was designed to warn people, and I’m never going to change that thought because that’s what I believe in.” He also had plans to make TV shows off the internet properties that he owned. Soon after Hunter sold the site to James, he went on Twitter to make shocking comments about James’ wife, falsely accused him of being “a paedophile who possessed child pornography.”

In March 2013, Hunter was ordered to pay James a quarter of a million in damages for defamation. Today, James lives in Round Rock, Texas, and works as the Senior Director of Cybersecurity for an electrical contracting company while also running BullyVille. He is happily married with three sons and enjoys time with his family. In 2014, James was involved in a lawsuit that accused a man named Thomas Retzlaff of stalking and harassing him and his company, ViaView.

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