Where Is Jasmine Hartin Now?

People were shocked to find popular socialite Jasmine Hartin embroiled in the mysterious death of the Belizian police superintendent Henry Jemmott. Jasmine was reportedly the only person present on the scene when Henry suffered a pistol shot behind his ear, which ultimately claimed his life. CBS’s ’48 Hours: Jasmine Hartin’s Shot in the Dark’ tries to investigate the mysterious death to find out the reason behind it. Let’s take a dive into the details and see how the incident affected Jasmine Hartin, shall we?

Who Is Jasmine Hartin?

A well-known socialite, Jasmine, is in a relationship with Andrew Ashcroft, the son of Lord Michael Ashcroft, and they are parents to two children. She also co-owns the Alaia Belize hotel group with her partner. Jasmine knew Henry from before his death after he had reportedly saved her from a possible sexual assault at a party. The two then developed a deep friendship which continued even when Henry came over to spend a few days at the resort Jasmine co-owned.

Early into May 28, 2021, Jasmine Hartin was spotted walking alone on a deserted pier near the resort. Her hands and clothes were covered in blood, and she seemed to be quite emotional, as if something had affected her deeply. Immediately, attention was drawn towards the water near the pier where Henry Jemmott’s deceased body lay floating. Once the police reached the scene, they recovered the body, and an autopsy determined that the victim had died from a gunshot wound behind his ear. Additionally, with Jasmine being the only person present on the scene, suspicion naturally fell on her, even though she insisted on her innocence.

Where Is Jasmine Hartin Now?

According to reports, when initially questioned, Jasmine told police that an unknown person on a boat had sailed by and shot Henry. However, this theory was soon shot down as authorities learned that the bullet which killed Henry came from the policeman’s weapon. It should also be noted that this account was later revised. Speaking about the events on that fateful night, Jasmine said that she and Henry were supposed to meet her partner on the pier for a drink, but Andrew canceled last minute.

Thus, she met Henry, and the two subsequently moved over to the pier. Once at the pier, Jasmine claimed that the police officer was showing her his gun and was teaching her how to handle it. Unfortunately, the barrel was pointing towards Henry when the weapon accidentally went off, immediately killing him. She even stated that Henry’s body slumped over after the shot, and it took her a few moments to realize that he was no more. Based on her statement, law enforcement decided to arrest her and charge her with manslaughter by negligence. However, to this day, the socialite has maintained her innocence and awaits a legal trial.

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