Tracy Edwards: What Happened to Jeffrey Dahmer’s Survivor?

Netflix’s ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story‘ shows how the prolific serial killer terrorized the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, between 1978 and 1991. Although Jeffrey was responsible for killing at least 17 men and boys in the states of Wisconsin and Ohio, he was always meticulous with his planning and rarely ventured away from his modus operandi.

Moreover, Jeffrey would lure his victims into his own apartment and use the place to store human remains. However, in July 1991, Jeffrey slipped up when targeting his new victim, Tracy Edwards, eventually leading to the serial killer’s downfall. If you are intrigued by this case and want to find out where Tracy Edwards is at present, we have you covered!

Who Is Tracy Edwards?

Jeffrey Dahmer was out hunting for victims when he came across 32-year-old Tracy Edwards and two of his friends on July 22, 1991. Introducing himself as a professional photographer, Jeffrey asked the trip if they would want to accompany him to his apartment for a racy photoshoot. As the men had not seen Jeffrey before, they were quite apprehensive of his offer and were on the verge of declining when Tracy Edwards gave his consent. Hence, Jeffrey took Tracy up to his apartment while the others went their separate ways.

Image Credit: Court TV/YouTube

Upon entering the apartment, Tracy noticed a horrible stench, which immediately put him on high alert. Moreover, he even saw bottles of hydrochloric acid lying around while a blue drum in another room was emancipating a foul odor. Still, before Tracy could even get his bearings right, Jeffrey distracted him and slipped a handcuff on his wrist, claiming that it was a prop for the photoshoot.

However, the serial killer’s behavior changed once he took the intended victim to a second room, where he informed Tracy that he intended to eat his heart. Surprisingly, Tracy never lost his cool and began formulating a plan to escape while assuring Jeffrey of his friendship. Eventually, he got Jeffrey to move back into the first room, and once a window of opportunity presented itself, Tracy the serial killer in the face before running out of the front door.

Once outside the apartment, Tracy came across two police officers, who initially refused to believe his story because of the handcuff on his wrist. However, he convinced them to accompany him to Jeffrey’s apartment, where the police found polaroid pictures of dismembered victims, as well as human body parts, including a whole human head stored inside a refrigerator. Although Jeffrey tried his best to fight the officers and escape, he was soon overpowered and carried away in handcuffs.

Tracy Edwards Prefers to Stay Low-Profile Today

After Jeffrey Dahmer’s arrest, Tracy decided to file a case against the Milwaukee court, as he claimed that they had failed in their job to protect the people by not taking the previous reports against Jeffrey seriously. However, the case was eventually dismissed, and Tracy returned to his everyday life. Nevertheless, in the years that followed, Tracy found himself in trouble with the law multiple times and was unable to stay away from a path of crime. In fact, sources mention that he built up a lengthy criminal history and was arrested for drug possession and theft, among other offenses.

Although reports mention that Tracy has been homeless since 2002, he found himself in the news again in 2011, when he and Timothy Carr pushed a homeless man named Jonny Jordan off a bridge during an argument. Unfortunately, Jonny drowned to death, and in the same year, Tracy was held responsible for his involvement, which netted him a total of one and a half years in prison. Unfortunately, since then, Tracy has preferred to stay under the radar, making his current whereabouts quite unclear.

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