Where Is Barbara Hamburg’s Ex-Husband, Jeffrey Hamburg Now?

HBO’s ‘Murder on Middle Beach’ is a four-part documentary series that chronicles the mysterious slaying of Barbara Hamburg, whose body was found by her sister and daughter in the yard of her Connecticut beach road rental home on the morning of March 3, 2010. She was covered with a few outdoor furniture cushions and was still a bloody mess.

It was later discovered to be the direct result of the fact that she had been bludgeoned to death. It’s been over ten years now, but unfortunately, her case remains unsolved. And even though no one has ever been charged and arrested for her murder, her ex-husband, Jeffrey Hamburg, is named to be a person of interest.

Who Is Jeffrey Hamburg?

Jeffrey Hamburg and Barbara had a good marriage while it lasted, welcoming two beautiful children – a son and a daughter – into their lives. But then, when it all ended, in 2002, in Georgia, where they were living at the time, their issues only increased. Over the years, the Hamburg family had been in and out of court with disputes regarding financial and custodial matters. And on March 3, 2010, they were to face off against one another yet again, as Jeffrey allegedly owed Barbara thousands of dollars in alimony and child support, which he said he couldn’t pay anymore.

The businessman is said to be there at 9:30 a.m., the time the proceedings were to start, but Barbara never showed up. It was only later that everyone found out why. Jeffrey Hamburg quickly became a person of interest in his ex-wife’s murder case, as the investigators found out about their past and on-going legal battles. Besides this particular financial payment concern, another factor was that Barbara had previously gone to the police to file a complaint against Jeffrey.

In the complaint, Barbara claimed that Jeffrey had money, worth at least $100 million, which he acquired via an international money-laundering scheme. Subsequently, the investigators thoroughly questioned Jeffrey and even got him to give up a DNA sample. However, it did not match the evidence recovered from Barbara’s crime scene, and they could neither find proof or motive that connected him to her death. Thus, they could never charge him with any of it.

Where Is Jeffrey Hamburg Now?

Although Jeffrey Hamburg was not arrested for Barbara Hamburg’s brutal 2010 slaying, he was later found guilty of not paying back the money he owed to his late ex-wife’s estate – worth $138,000 – getting sentenced to prison in 2012. His initial arrest warrant also accused him of stealing nearly $100,000 from his children’s trust fund from 2008 to 2010, with the last $400 being taken out from his daughter’s account 14 days before Barbara was found dead.

At that time, it was reported that Jeffrey had not only depleted his children’s funds, but he also was in more than $1 million in debt because of all his borrowing and larceny. Jeffrey Hamburg was sentenced to jail with an apparent bond set at $50,000. Unfortunately, though, there have been no reports since that indicates where he is now.

As Jeffrey doesn’t seem to have a profile on any social media platform, we can’t dig and discover any information either. We know for sure that Jeffrey is not in prison anymore, thanks to state records, so we assume that he, at the age of 70, is residing in New York City, New York, his last known address, which was made public at the time of his 2012 arrest. At that point, he was living in Park Avenue and surviving on “borrowed” money and his monthly severance paychecks.

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