Where Is Joe Pickett Filmed? Is It a True Story?

Created by John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle for Spectrum TV, ‘Joe Pickett’ is a grim and gritty crime drama series that plunges the audiences into the dark corners of a tranquil small town. Set in the wilderness of rural Wyoming, the story follows game warden Joe Pickett and his family as they chart the ever-changing socio-political climate of the sparsely populated Wyoming township. The times are dire, with the fear of an economic collapse looming large.

The story takes a further unsettling turn when a murder victim appears at the doorstep of the Picketts. A conspiracy brews and the seemingly benign township conceals fangs and secrets. Michael Dorman of ‘Patriot’ fame takes up the central role, and a stellar cast ensemble guides him in the journey. Most of the story unfolds in the small Wyoming township, but you may seek to know the actual locations featured in the series. Also, is the neo-western crime drama based on a true story? Let us find out!

Joe Pickett Filming Locations

‘Joe Pickett’ was filmed in its entirety in Canada, especially in and around the snow-capped province of Alberta. Filming for the first season commenced on May 3, 2021, and was wrapped up by September 2021. Although the series is set in a small rural town called Saddlestring in Wyoming, the creators planned to film it in Canada for several logistical reasons.

Canada is ideal for cinematic productions due to its cold and temperate weather, abundant natural beauty, and the precedence of rural abodes and small towns. The hefty tax rebate program and the low exchange rate make productions flock into Canada. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the series is filmed!

Calgary, Alberta

‘Joe Pickett’ is filmed in Alberta, while the crew used Calgary as a production base. Central to the country’s oil industry, Calgary is also fast gaining prominence in the global movie production map. Although the crew divulged no specifics, they shared some exciting behind-the-scenes posts that show the team having a fun time during production. A few scenes were also filmed at the former Hub Fitness on the MacLeod Trail of High River. Located 54 km south of downtown Calgary, the community is part of is the Calgary Metropolitan Region.

Cochrane, Alberta

Additional filming took place in Cochrane, a significant township in the province, located 18 kilometers west of Calgary city limits. The production team resumed filming in the picturesque township, which proved to be a key location for the series. Some instrumental scenes were filmed at the Cochrane RancheHouse, a conference center located at 101 Ranchehouse Road.

Is Joe Pickett Based on A True Story?

No, ‘Joe Pickett’ is not based on a true story. John Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle created the series from the vastly popular novel series of the same name by Charles James Box. Although the author has written other standalone ventures, like ‘Shots Fired,’ he is best known for the ‘Joe Pickett’ series, which had the fortune of becoming The New York Times’ #1 bestseller. There have been 21 books in the series, starting with ‘Open Seasons,’ while the 22nd title — ‘Shadows Reel’ — awaits release.

The creators were reportedly fascinated with the central character and his obsession with truth, fairness, and the order of things. They were further intrigued by the trauma that carved him in the manner. Moreover, the Pickett family’s quest for a simpler life resonated with the creators, and thus, the magical world of Joe Pickett was brought into life on the screen. Although the story is quite decidedly fictional, Wyoming-based author Fox integrated his life experiences as a ranch-worker in the books.

In the video above, Fox said that it was not his “first rodeo” in the landscape of book-to-screen adaptation. According to Fox, there have been at least four previous attempts to bring the fictional game warden to life. However, as the author stressed, “Not until this adaption did it feel right,” Fox was amply pleased by his set visit. He commented upon the meticulous attention to detail, from the woodpile to the taxidermy mounts. Therefore, although ‘Joe Pickett’ is quite fictional, the creators’ careful handling of the original material brings out the story’s realism on screen.

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