Where is Josh Stockdall Now?

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The small city of Ottumwa, Iowa, was the epicenter of a meth epidemic during the 1980s. Behind it was Lori Arnold, a local who was living in the fast lane until it all came crashing down. The drug trafficking operation was busted by the police in November 1991, sending Lori and her husband Floyd to prison. ‘Queen of Meth’ chronicles Lori’s life and showcases how the couple’s wrongdoings and subsequent arrests left their young son Josh without his parents when he was just 10-years-old. The three-part documentary is exclusively available to watch on Discovery Plus. If you’re wondering where he might be now, we’ve got you covered!

Who is Josh Stockdall?

Josh Stockdall was born to Lori and Floyd Stockdall in January 1981. Growing up was a departure from the normal for Josh. With his mother dealing in and using drugs, calling it a difficult time would be an understatement. While Lori would try to keep the drugs away from Josh’s sight, he had some idea of what was going on at that point. The success of the enterprise meant that Lori continued to produce and sell meth. They were making hundreds of thousands of dollars and buying multiple properties in the city.

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Lori would go on to set up her own meth production lab, and the sheer amount of meth manufactured flooded the streets of not just Ottumwa but the neighboring states as well. Towards the end of the 1980s, crystal meth had become a major problem in the Midwest. The authorities started to collect information on Lori and her enterprise once they recognized that she was moving large amounts of meth from the West Coast, where it was rampant. In November 1991, the police busted through the Stockdalls’ home and arrested Lori and Floyd.

Josh was just 10-years-old at the time and was taken in by Lori’s mother, Linda. Suddenly, young kid was without both of his parents. Just a year after Lori’s arrest, Linda passed away as well, leading Josh to move in with Lori’s father, Jack, and his wife, Ruth. They took care of Josh for years. It wasn’t until Josh was ready for college when Lori was let out of prison in 1999. However, their reunion was short-lived as Lori was arrested yet again on drug charges in 2001, sending her to prison for six more years.

Where is Josh Stockdall Now?

Josh never got a chance to spend more time with his father since he passed away while in prison. On the show, Josh stated that it angered him when his mother went to prison for the second time, but he had never hated her. Lori’s actions seem to have had a profound effect on Josh, for he stated that he had never indulged in drugs. Lori is glad for the man Josh had become. She said, “I got lucky. My son never got into [drugs]. Maybe that’s [be]cause my family raised him after age 10. I’m just glad I had a good family to take care of my son. My son is a good man. He turned out real[ly] well.” 

Josh went on to graduate from Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa. He worked in customer service at an automotive service store until 2015. Josh has been married to his wife, Jen, since 2018. He lives in Ottumwa and seems to be leading a happy life with Jen and their pet dogs.

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