Where is Justyn Rosen’s Killer Teresa Perez Now?

Image Credit: Joe Leong/Find A Grave

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: Sugar and Spite’ chronicles the murder of former Denver automobile firm owner, Justyn Conrad Rosen, in October 2003. He was killed by his ex-employee and alleged mistress, Teresa Garret Perez when he tried to leave her. The episode recreates the events that led to a gunfight in a police parking lot, the tragic death of two individuals, and the injury of one officer. So, who is this Teresa Perez? Let’s find out, shall we?

Who is Teresa Perez?

Teresa Garret Perez was born in Los Angeles in Los Angeles County, California, on September 10, 1963. The 33-year-old worked as a car salesperson in 1996 in Rosen-Novak Ford agency, a Denver automobile firm owned by Justyn Conrad Rosen. She was a gifted salesperson and a beautiful young woman, who caught the attention of men wherever she went. As per the show, Teresa not only enticed customers into buying cars but was also seducing her employer, Justyn.

It was stated on the show that Teresa had a knack for going through marriages swiftly and was married to Vincent Reiger, a Denver-based construction and real estate owner, whom she divorced in 1990. The judge presiding over her divorce had observed that she “had a below average IQ, blamed others for her problems, harbored considerable anger and often resorted to pathological lying.” Married at least four times in little more than a decade, Teresa was last married to Mario Perez, who divorced her after claiming that she was trying to bankrupt him.

However, Teresa’s boss, Justyn Rosen, was smitten with her and set up her and her teen daughter in a luxurious apartment, after her fourth husband left her. The show went on to state how Justyn allegedly felt uncomfortable coming over with Teresa’s daughter staying at the apartment and she went her daughter to stay with the girl’s father. Teresa had chosen Justyn and his wealth over everything, but she wanted more from him.

Justyn was married for 60 years to his wife and wasn’t ready to leave her. As per the show, when he planned to celebrate their anniversary with her over Teresa, the alleged girlfriend lost her cool. Justyn said the woman wanted to marry him and was trying to destroy his marriage. Justyn said Teresa started harassing him, calling him and threatening to send “a packet of information” to his wife, relatives, and friends. To save himself, Justyn put out a restraining order that prevented Teresa from contacting him or his family.

Is Teresa Perez Alive?

The restraining order was the last straw that pushed Teresa over the edge. On October 3, 2003, Teresa came over to Justyn’s house and kidnapped him at gunpoint. She made him drive them in his white Ford Expedition, brandishing the weapon and warning him not to disobey her instructions. Justyn drove around and ultimately pulled the car over in the parking lot of the Denver Police Department’s Gang Bureau situated at 2205 Colorado Boulevard.

Justyn Rosen//Image Credit: Find A Grave

Justyn felt he was safe with officers around him, so he got down and fled from the car. Teresa followed suit with the gun and Officer Randy Yoder, who was in the parking lot, asked her to put the gun down. Instead, Teresa put the gun to her head, threatening to shoot herself. She then pointed the gun towards Justyn and proceeded to shoot him 11 times at point black range.

Teresa also shot at the officer with the bullet grazing his arm and injuring him. Overhearing gunshots as well as Randy’s broadcast over the radio, several officers arrived at the scene and shot Teresa down when they saw her keeping on shooting Justyn. By the time the paramedics arrived, both Justyn and Teresa, 40, were proclaimed dead.

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