Where is Kate Farrar Now?

Lifetime’s ‘A House on Fire‘ is a movie that profiles a 1995 arson case that left a seemingly idyllic family in shambles. Following Debora Green, as she deals with her tumultuous personal and professional life, along with her mental instability, this film highlights how she sets fire to her Prairie Village, Kansas, family home, killing two of her three children. The only survivor, apart from Debora herself, was her then 10-year-old daughter Kate Farrar. So now, if you’re here curious to know more about the latter and her current whereabouts, you’ve come to the right place.

Who is Kate Farrar?

Born in the mid-1980s to Debora Green and Michael Farrar, Kate Farrar was a happy middle child. She had a brother, Timothy, about two years her elder, and a sister, Kelly, born on December 13, 1988. According to Kate’s accounts, the five of them were a family in every sense of the way until Michael and Debora separated. In 1995, when everything transpired, Kate said she loved and respected her mother but was angry at her father for leaving and unknowingly pushing Debora to drink “large quantities of alcohol.”

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By her own accounts, on October 24, when the Farrar family home caught fire, Kate woke up to smoke coming into her bedroom. Realizing what was going on, despite her young age, she braved the flames and tried to alert her 13-year-old brother as well. Then, stepping back into her room, Kate placed a hang-up 911 call to notify the police and crawled out of her window. The 10-year-old subsequently made her way to the roof, from where she saw her mother. Debora, Kate said, was “terribly upset” and asked her to jump to safety.

Seeing a frightened Kate, Debora promised that she’d catch her daughter. But she missed, and Kate fell to the ground. Fortunately, though, being a trained ballerina, Kate was nimble enough not to sustain any injuries. When firefighters arrived at the scene soon after, while Kate begged them to save her little sister and brother, Debora, who stood quietly next to her daughter, was reported to look “very calm, very cool.” But alas, nothing and no one else could be saved – the blaze had engulfed the whole house.

Where is Kate Farrar Now?

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A few firefighters led Kate Farrar to an ambulance, where she was checked for physical injuries and treated for shock. It was there that the 10-year-old heard her father arrive and make accusatory comments towards her mother, who, she said, looked very worried about her two missing children. Together, the trio then waited for the professionals to finish their jobs and give them the final, heartbreaking report.

When Debora, who has since been tried, convicted, and sentenced for arson and murder, was protesting her condemnation, she wrote that she wanted to spend some time with her surviving daughter. Moreover, as per the last reports, Kate supports Debora’s claims of innocence. Now an adult, although Kate Farrar prefers to live her life away from the spotlight, it seems as though she deeply cares about both her parents. While we can’t be sure, it looks like the 36-year-old, who was taken in by her paternal grandparents while Debora and Michael dealt with the fallout from the fire, is married and currently resides in Kansas City, Missouri.

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