Where is Kayla From Too Hot to Handle Now?

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle’ is a sizzling reality dating series that follows a group of absurdly good-looking individuals from across the globe as they try to build lasting relationships amongst each other without ever kissing, touching, or more. For some incentive, each time someone breaks a rule, money from the $100,000 grand prize is deducted, and only the remaining pot acts as the award in the end. So now, with season two highlighting just how challenging the entire process can be, let’s find out a bit more about Kayla Jean, one of the contestants in this pickle, shall we?

Who is Kayla Jean?

Kayla Jean is a model and bartender from Jacksonville, Florida, who loves nothing more than hanging at the beach and surfing. Even though she has been described as laid-back and mysterious, she admits that she is rarely rejected, is a little boy crazy, and is particularly drawn to those who seem to have an edge. In other words, Kayla’s type is bad boys. And one of the reasons for it, she has hinted, has to do with her upbringing. “I grew up in a really, really strict Filipino, religious household,” Kayla confessed, adding that it made her rebellious and unrestrained once she moved out.

“I feel like everyone has like a little bit of a bad side to them,” Kayla stated while introducing herself on the debut episode. “If you say that you don’t, you’re lying.” She did not shy away from remarking on how much she likes physical attention, yet she implied that deeper connections were not even on her mind. In fact, Kayla merely said that her looks benefited her job. “I do get hit on quite a lot when I’m working [as a bartender]. They’re tipping me good. That is all that matters.” Kayla enjoys being chased and relishes it when things get “interesting,” though maybe not complicated.

Where is Kayla Jean Now?

Kayla Jean called herself a part-time model on ‘Too Hot to Handle’ season 2, but she is so much more. The 26-year-old is signed with the notable AC Talent Management and has modeled for national brands like Ama Bikinis and Knock Out watches in the past. Moreover, she walked the 2019 JMFP runway, where she fashioned two highly different looks designed by JessJuan Bags. Kayla is used to public attention and big crowds, so whenever she is not working at a Florida-based bar or relaxing on a beach, she tries to keep expanding her career in the entertainment industry.

As for where she is now, her social media profiles make it evident that she often travels across the world to experience all that the different countries and cultures have to offer, but her two bases are California and Florida. From Mexico to Costa Rica and from Canada to Switzerland, she’s traversed it all, and she can’t wait to continue when everything opens up again. Due to the serenity Switzerland offers, it is one of Kayla’s favorite places in the world. However, she has also implied that she might start learning French and relocate to Paris one day.

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