Where is April Kauffman’s Daughter Kim Pack Now?

Discovery+’s ‘Doctor’s Orders’ dives into the years-long investigation into April Kauffman’s murder. April was a popular radio host from New Jersey with strong ties to the community. But her murder in May 2012 left everyone that knew her devastated. However, the authorities couldn’t come up with any suspects, and eventually, the case turned cold. But April’s daughter, Kim Pack, never gave up. She strived to bring the killer to justice, and in the end, she succeeded. So, let’s find out more about her then, shall we?

Who is Kim Pack?

Kim Pack is April’s daughter from her first marriage. She had Kim when she was just a teenager in high school. The two were close growing up, and April worked hard to care for her daughter. Kim talked of how valuable her mother’s lessons were to her, saying, “She always taught me that no one would give you anything in life, that you had to work really hard for everything.” April eventually married James Kauffman, a doctor, in 2003. Many years later, in 2012, Kim heard the horrific news of her mother’s death.

But when Kim learned that her mother was the victim of a murder, she immediately knew who was responsible. She told a policeman at the time that it was her stepfather who killed April. While there was no proof at the time, Kim’s suspicions would turn out to be true, but it was not an easy journey getting there. It was almost five years before the case saw any substantial development. In June 2017, James Kauffman was arrested on suspicion of running an illegal pharmaceutical drug ring out of his office.

The authorities believed that James ran this ring along with Ferdinand Augello, the former president of a motorcycle club in New Jersey. It was alleged that the relationship between April and James had started to crumble by then, and she wanted a divorce. The detectives felt that April threatened to expose the ring, thereby giving James a motive to kill. He then allegedly asked Ferdinand to hire someone to kill his wife. In 2012, that person reportedly happened to be Francis Mulholland.

Kim’s persistence finally paid off when murder charges were brought against James and Ferdinand. She said, “I think that for the first time today, I can actually breathe. For the past five and a half years, I feel like I have been holding my breath on a daily basis. I could not even begin to describe for you today the emotions that I feel. I feel like I am standing before you shaking.”

Kim had also filed a wrongful death suit against James, and she was also in a legal battle with him regarding April’s life insurance policies. In the end, James died by suicide while awaiting trial in January 2018. Ferdinand was convicted on a multitude of charges stemming from the murder and the drug operation and was sentenced to life in prison. Francis Mulholland, who the authorities believed was the gunman, was already dead by the time the case gained momentum.

Where is Kim Pack Now?

After the case finally came to a close, Kim was happy to move on. In a statement, she said, “I am forever grateful because I know that some victims sadly never get answers. This tireless pursuit for justice is no longer my journey. I look forward to finally being able to live and making the best of my life.” Now in her late 30s, she still seems to live in New Jersey working as a pharmaceutical representative. Kim hopes to raise her two sons by passing on her mother’s best qualities.

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