Where is Kris Foster Now?

When one commits a crime, it becomes the responsibility of others to get to the bottom of it. Or at least, that’s what is expected of prosecutors. When Kris Foster was handed the casefile of Sonja Farak, she owed it to the defendants to hand over any exculpatory evidence to them, and there was a lot of it. However, due to her own incompetence and the pursuit of her superiors to contain the situation as much as possible paved the path to another blunder, possibly much worse than the one committed by Farak herself. Who is Kris Foster, and what’s her life like now? Let’s find out.

Who is Kris Foster?

Kris Foster had barely started her new job when the Farak case came upon her. She was inexperienced and yet, had to handle the load of the chemist’s case. Had she understood the extent of it and done her job, which she probably didn’t understand as well at the time, the problems that followed, at least for her, could have been mitigated. However, it took a turn for the worse, and she ended up hiding the documents from the defendants, without even knowing what was included in them.

She claimed that the documents had been reviewed and that there was nothing that the other party needed to see. When Luke Ryan filed the subpoena for them, she filed a motion of her own to stop them in their tracks. She wrote that “there is nothing to indicate that the allegations against Farak date back to the time she tested the drugs in the defendant’s case.” But all this while, she hadn’t even reviewed them herself.

Where is Kris Foster now?

Foster thought that the case had settled down, but unbeknownst to her, Luke Ryan was still aiming for the prize that he knew would stir a completely different storm. By the time he got his hands on the documents, Foster had already moved on to a different position. Her last known whereabouts place her in Suffolk county, working as the General Counsel for the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.

She had to go back to the Farak case when she was charged with disciplinary action, along with her superiors. In 2016, the six-day hearing opened up her work in the Farak case to deeper scrutiny. By the end of it, it was declared that she, as well as Kaczmarek, had “piled misrepresentation upon misrepresentation to shield the mental health worksheets from disclosure to the drug lab defendants” and that she had “violated their oaths as assistant attorneys general and as officers of the court.” In her defense, it was stated that she had only just started working in the attorney general’s office and was just following Kaczmarek’s orders.

The hearing ended, but the battle was only just beginning. A couple of lawsuits had been waiting for her. The Innocence Project demanded an investigation against her and Kaczmarek, and soon after, Luke Ryan filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against her, along with 17 other people, with regards to Rolando Penate’s case.

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