Where Is Kung Fu Filmed?

‘Kung Fu’ is a martial arts drama television series created by Christina M. Kim and is a reboot of the original series of the same name created by Ed Spielman. It follows a young woman, Nicky, who travels to an isolated monastery in China and learns the art of Kung Fu. She returns to her hometown only to find out it is overrun with crime and corruption.

Nicky decides to use her Kung Fu skills and Shaolin values to fight the bad elements of society and protect her community. The show’s action bounces between China and San Francisco as we learn more about Nicky’s time at the monastery and her life in the busy streets of the urban city. But is the show actually filmed in San Francisco and China? Let’s find out.

Kung Fu Filming Locations

Filming on the pilot episode of ‘Kung Fu’ began on March 9, 2020, and was completed on March 31, 2020. ‘Kung Fu’ received a series order on May 12, 2020, and production on the show’s first season began rolling on October 16, 2020. Despite having San Francisco as the primary setting with occasional scenes set in China, the show is largely filmed in Vancouver Metropolitan Regional District in British Columbia. Let’s take a closer look at the filming spots of ‘Kung Fu.’

Vancouver, British Columbia

A significant portion of the series is filmed in Vancouver. It is the most populous city in British Columbia and is known for its arts, culture, music, and seafood. The city’s many beautiful parks offer various outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and kayaking. Vancouver is a leading film and television production center, and most of The CW shows are filmed in the city.

Parts of the city resemble the architecture in the Northern Californian city of San Francisco. Chinatown, a locality in Vancouver, serves as an ideal filming location for the Chinese-American community Nicky lives in. Episodes are often filmed in the Chinatown area. A few scenes in the first season were shot at the Sun Yat-Sen Park at 578 Carrall Street in Chinatown. A fight sequence seen in the pilot episode was filmed at East Pender Street.

Filming of outdoor scenes also occurs in the Shanghai Alley and on sections of Taylor Street, Carrall Street, and West Pender Street. Other locations in Chinatown where filming of season 1 took place include The Westin Bayshore Hotel at 1601 Bayshore Drive and the Chinese Cultural Centre Museum at 555 Columbia Street.

Chinatown, Vancouver

Filming of season 1 also took place in the lush-green vicinity of David Lam Park located at 1300 Pacific Boulevard and at Stanley Park, which is a 405-hectare public park adjoining the downtown of Vancouver.

Langley, British Columbia

One of the show’s filming locations is Langley, a city in the Vancouver Metropolitan Regional District of British Columbia, Canada. It is located in the Lower Mainland region, and production is based at 9110 196A Avenue, Langley, Canada, V1M 3B4. Scenes are filmed on location at various spots in the city. Other popular The CW shows such as ‘Nancy Drew,’ ‘Riverdale,’ and ‘Supergirl’ are also filmed in the city.

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