Daniel Levin: Where Is Larry Ray’s Cult Survivor Now?

Image Credit: Daniel Levin/LinkedIn

Peacock’s ‘Sex, Lies and the College Cult’ and Hulu’s ‘Stolen Youth’ shows how Lawrence Ray started a sex cult from his daughter’s Sarah Lawrence University Dorm and coerced other students to do his bidding. While Ray initially came across as an impressive individual, he convinced other students to join his orbit before grooming them and controlling all aspects of their lives. The people under Ray’s influence were tortured both mentally as well as physically and were forced into disturbing sexual activities, which ultimately got Ray arrested on sex trafficking and extortion charges.

Likewise, Daniel Levin, a student at Sarah Lawrence University, was quite impressed by Ray in the months following their initial meeting and considered him a positive influence on his life. Although Daniel believed Ray was trying to help him make sense of his life, the reality dawned on him when he was verbally berated for the smallest of mistakes. Moreover, Ray convinced Daniel that he had allegedly conspired to hurt him, which made Daniel desperate to make amends. While Daniel later managed to break out of Ray’s grasp and build an independent life, we decided to delve into the details and find out where he is at present.

Who Is Daniel Levin?

When Daniel began his classes at Sarah Lawrence university, he befriended Talia Ray and a few others who moved into Slonim Woods 9, a cooperative living unit on the university campus. Eventually, Talia’s father, Lawrence Ray, came to crash with them in 2010 and often regaled them with steak dinners and stories from his past. Daniel was quite impressed by Ray initially, and the latter spun wild tales of his past, which further made him appear as someone extraordinary.

Image Credit: Southern District of New York/Department of Justice

Since Daniel was just 19 at that time, he was naturally struggling with the issues young adults face on a daily basis. Surprisingly, Ray appeared to understand his problems and even helped him with them, which made Daniel feel quite important. Eventually, in 2011, Ray moved into an apartment in New York City and invited Talia, as well as six of her friends, including Daniel, to live with him rent-free. Things seemed normal at first, but soon Ray showed his true colors and in one instance, berated Daniel horribly when he did so much as scratch a frying pan.

Moreover, apart from witnessing Ray mentally torture and control the people who lived in the same apartment, Daniel himself was groomed by the man he once admired. Ray argued that he just wanted to teach Daniel how to pleasure women, but in reality, he encouraged a culture of group sex and would often make him pleasure Isabella Pollock, another girl who resided in the same apartment. Unfortunately, breaking away from Ray’s grasp was quite tricky as he convinced Daniel that the youth had deliberately caused him and Talia harm.

Although the accusations were false, Daniel believed them then and did his best to make amends. However, the torture soon turned physical as Daniel was penetrated with a sex object in one instance, while Ray also tortured him with a self-designed instrument. Eventually, in 2013, Daniel was able to cut off all contact with Ray and returned to the University Campus to complete the rest of his degree.

Where Is Daniel Levin Now?

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree in creative writing from Sarah Lawrence University in 2013, Daniel enrolled himself at the University of California, Irvine, where he pursued a Master of Fine Arts degree in poetry. He then went on to work for New York State’s Department of Education and even published his memoir, Slonim Woods 9, in September 2021. However, reports state that Daniel has since left his job at the Department of Education and currently resides in Los Angeles, where he is focused on taking his writing career to further heights.

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