Where is Laura From the Great British Baking Show Now?

The Great British Baking Show’ is such a fun and delightful series to keep up with. Not only are the hosts and the judges wonderfully sublime, but even the participants are always up for a challenge. One person who we really couldn’t get enough of is Laura Adlington. She wore her heart on her sleeve and persevered, no matter what. Naturally, we were curious about what she has been up to since the show ended. Here’s what we uncovered.

Laura Adlington: The Great British Baking Show Journey 

For the first few weeks, Laura Adlington had a decent and consistent performance. The season kicked off with Cake Week, which is when she made her Celebration of Summer Battenberg cake for the signature round. For her rendition of the miniature pineapple Upside-Down cakes, she placed 6th in the technical challenge. Finally, Laura created a Lemon & Elderflower Cake bust of Freddie Mercury for the showstopper round.

Week 3 celebrated all things bread. For the signature challenge, she made 2 loaves of Nana Peg’s Nicely Spiced and Cherrylicious Soda Bread. In the technical round, where contestants had to make Rainbow-colored Bagels, Laura placed 6th. When it came to the last round, she went with a Showstopping Musical Theatre inspired Bread Plaque. It was in Week 5 that Laura upped her game and took home Star Baker.

Since the week was all about Pastry, she made Proper Tasty Pasties with leeks, potatoes, and pancetta for the signature challenge. Laura placed 6th in the technical challenge yet again, wherein participants had to make eclairs to prove their skills. She also made a Kent Garden Tart with key lime flavors. Unfortunately, in weeks 6 and 7, Laura was not on the judges’ favorites list. However, she bounced back in week 8, which was all about desserts.

Both Laura and Hermine made Passionfruit Cheesecakes for the signature challenge. Moreover, Laura even came in 1st in the technical challenge for her rendition of Sussex Pond Puddings. Lastly, she made a Flower Power Koi Jelly Art Cake for the showstopper round. During the semi-finals, which was all about Patisserie, Laura did not perform as well as one would have hoped. She placed last in the technical challenge and was not able to execute the Black Forest Cube Cakes well.

However, it was Hermine that got eliminated since she had an even worse week. But Laura faced a lot of backlash on social media for this. Laura made it to the finals, where she made 8 Yuzu Custard Slices for the signature challenge. In the technical round, she made 8 walnut whirls but came in third. Lastly, her showstopper challenge creation was the Rainbow Dessert Tower. Although she did not win the final, nonetheless, she made for a strong contender.

Where is Laura Adlington Now?

Before joining the show, Laura was working as a Digital Manager, and there is no reason to suspect that she has left this post. If anything, there is an email address provided in her Instagram bio, which could mean that she is open to collaborations with other agencies and individuals on social media. Also, she has remained great friends with Lottie, and the two were even seen spending time together on Instagram.

Laura’s Twitter profile revealed that she volunteers with Samaritans, an organization that works to prevent suicide by offering a helping hand in the form of a unique 24-hour listening service. Other options include email, letter, or even face to face interactions. Apart from this, she is also a body positivity champion.

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