Where is Lauren Kanarek’s Fiancé Robert Goodwin Now?

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One afternoon in August 2019, Lauren Karanek’s life changed forever when she became the target of gun violence right outside the house she was living in. Present with the equestrian was her fiancé, Robert Goodwin, who was able to get a hold of the shooter until the police arrived. CBS News’ ‘48 Hours: The Shooting of Lauren Kanarek’ delves into the events leading up to the incident and the aftermath. So, if you’re wondering what happened to Robert since then, here’s what we know.

Who is Robert Goodwin?

Beginning in March 2018, Lauren Karanek began training with Michael Barisone, a well-known dressage coach, at his farm in Washington Township, New Jersey. She also lived on the farm with her fiancé, Robert Goodwin. Lauren and Michael’s relationship started well, but by the summer of 2019, it devolved beyond the point of redemption. Michael wanted the couple out of the house, but they refused to leave.

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Michael claimed he feared for his life and told the authorities the same in the time leading up to the shooting. His attorney later stated that Lauren and Robert installed hidden recording devices to record his conversations and harass him. The lawyer even accused the couple of reporting alleged code violations, prompting an official visit the day before the shooting. Robert was then accused of saying, “Get ready” to Michael while he made the shape of a gun with his fingers.

On August 7, 2019, Michael took a 9mm handgun from his office and drove to the house where Lauren and Robert stayed. Lauren noticed Michael behind a bush near the back porch when she began talking to him. She claimed that Michael then pulled a gun out and shot her twice. Robert stated that he saw Michael brandishing a weapon. The trainer fired at Robert too but missed, hitting a windowpane instead.

After being shot, Lauren called 911 and identified Michael as the shooter. Robert took the phone, saying he was on top of Michael and holding him down. During later testimony, Robert stated that he first punched Michael, and when he turned around, he put the trainer in a chokehold. When the police arrived, Robert was on top of Michael. Robert broke his wrist during the struggle.

Where is Robert Goodwin Today?

Image Credit: Law & Crime/Facebook

While Lauren and Robert testified for the prosecution, the jury ultimately swung in favor of the defense. In April 2022, Michael Barisone was acquitted of attempting to kill Lauren and Robert; the argument of temporary insanity worked. When it came to Robert, Michael was found not guilty of trying to kill him, but not due to temporary insanity. Since then, Robert has understandably maintained a low profile. He has not been active on social media, but his interest in horses and food trucks is apparent. From what we can tell, he is still with Lauren, and his last known location remains New Jersey.

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