Leneathra Reed My 600-lb Life Update: Where is She Today?

Image Credit: TLC UK/YouTube

The TLC original ‘My 600-lb Life’ features several people’s individual and inspiring weight loss journeys. The series follows morbidly obese individuals who frequently weigh over 600 pounds. They attempt to follow severe lifestyle changes with strict diet and exercise in order to attain their desired weight. They do so to subsequently be eligible for weight-loss surgery with the assistance of a renowned bariatric surgeon, Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, popularly known as Dr. Now.

The reality show highlights inspiring tales of many people with varying associations with food. The weight reduction plan they choose has a different effect on people depending on their willpower or attitude toward challenging circumstances. One such contestant, who had to undergo a tough journey for weight reduction because of her health issues, was Leneathra Reed, who appeared in season 8 episode 16. As viewers might be curious to know where she is now, here’s everything that we found out!

Leneathra Reed’s My 600-lb Life Journey

Leneathra Reed appeared on the show in 2020 as a 40-year-old mother who had already gone viral a year before because of her fitness drive taking her child as motivation. Mum to a 2-year-old daughter, Leneathra started a Facebook page called Phat2Fit, where she regularly posted videos of her working out and shared her journey to lose over 450 lbs. Her videos soon went viral and reached more than 20,000 viewers.

Leneathra also appeared in an interview with Good Morning America, where she said, “I couldn’t get down on the floor and play with her… even giving her a bath was a challenge. I said, ‘You want to be here for your daughter? It’s time to get up and do something about it.’” Her troubles with weight gain first began after a breast reduction surgery led to health complications, and she had to be put on life support. As her lungs collapsed and she was already put on steroid medication, this just initiated a series of unfortunate health issues.

Describing the restrictions arising because of her weight, which was 650 pounds at the time, Leneathra said, “When I sit on the toilet, I have to brace myself and make sure I don’t fall into the toilet, because being my size, you break toilet seats.” Her troubles made her binge eat more junk food which also contributed to her weight gain. Thus, after joining Dr. Now’s program with an inspired attitude, she was assigned a 1200-calorie-a-day diet, apart from re-joining the gym with her previous trainer.

Leneathra seemed highly motivated and determined to lose her weight down to less than 200 pounds and began her weight loss journey well. While doing so, she stated that her stamina was also increasing and believed that she was making good progress thus far. However, despite her statements, she missed multiple appointments with the doctor, saying she had to prioritize her daughter’s needs.

After five months, when she finally visited Dr. Now, the scales showed that she had only lost 29 pounds, but the mother of one kept reiterating that she wasn’t overeating. However, the doctor reminded her that even if she cut down her eating habits, it wasn’t enough, and she was still eating more than she was recommended. She was also asked to be on a liquid diet for three days to see if she had a 1200-calorie diet.

Where is Leneathra Reed Today?

Sadly, after getting several chances from Dr. Now, Leneathra Reed ultimately quit the weight loss program before she could see any changes in her weight. Dr. Now seemed disappointed in her decision and asked to continue with the diet to reach below 500 pounds and get qualified for surgery. Thus, she went back and tried to follow the diet on her own, while also updating her fans in December 2020. Her post read, “I’m still on my journey but I am currently working on something that I unfortunately cannot share at the moment! I love y’all and hope to be back sharing my journey with you all soon.”

However, Leneathra hasn’t given any further updates on her weight loss journey or whether she has lost any weight since then. Nevertheless, she now maintains quite an active life where she goes to work, takes care of her daughter, and also attends church regularly. Given her fame on the show and her ongoing determination to bring down her weight, she was also referred to as a motivational speaker at the Purpose in Your Pain Conference held at her church.

Leneathra often shares pictures of the healthy meals she prepares for herself and her daughter. Moreover, the Meridian, Mississippi resident achieved another triumph by graduating from the Certified Nurse Assistant program. Apart from working as a healthcare provider, Leneathra also tries to exercise by going to marathons and maintaining a steady diet.

Leneathra has grown to be more confident over time and proudly embraces her flaws while also keeping up with her weight loss journey. She is also very supportive of her now-5-year-old daughter’s dream of winning Mississippi’s Our Little Miss Official State Pageant Competition. Thus, as Leneathra continues her journey toward a healthier life, we only wish her more success and happiness ahead.

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