Where Is Lisa Holden Now?

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Investigation Discovery’s ‘Dead Silent’ is a bone-chilling series that showcases some of the most terrifying true-crime cases that have taken place in the rural areas of the nation. Deep in the woods, inside an isolated home, or along the shores of a lake, it highlights just how dangerous the sleepy locations can be when no one is paying attention.

The prime example of it is the true crime show’s episode titled ‘The Torture Chamber,’ which chronicles the tale of Josh and Lisa Holden. After the couple got married and moved to provincial Texas, Lisa suffered a fate that some would describe worse than death. But now that it’s all over, you must be wondering where she currently is, right? So, let’s find out.

Who Is Lisa Holden?

When Lisa Holden started her relationship with Josh, she never could have imagined that her life would turn out to be so harsh. Shortly after being together, she seemed happy to be moving to rural Texas with him. But unfortunately, it only began a long estrangement from her family and experiences so painful that she had to run away for her own well-being. Her new house was, in fact, not at all a safe home for her – it was just a cage where she was kept and tracked by her husband.

Around 2005, Josh became abusive towards Lisa, but she never filed a report against him in fear of what he would do next. However, in 2012, because of unemployment and financial issues, he reached his peak, keeping her so isolated that she wasn’t even allowed to have contact with her daughters, aged 2, 3, and 7. Towards the end of March, he used jumper cables and beat her with a baseball bat before taking their eldest to school, giving Lisa time to run, which she did, with her remaining kids.

A passerby found and rescued the 27-year-old and her two toddler daughters on March 22 – two days after she had escaped the abuse by hiding in the woods – on the side of County Road 4512 in east Texas, not too far from the mobile home Lisa shared with Josh. During that period, Lisa was in and out of consciousness due to her fractured ribs, broken legs, and head injuries. But thankfully, when she was brought to the hospital, she was able to tell a nurse what had transpired, who then ensured Lisa’s safety.

Where Are Lisa Holden and Daughters Now?

Lisa Holden was in critical condition for ten days. “Her head had been shaved and it looked like she had been scalped,” a Van Zandt County Sheriff’s Office investigator said. “She had wounds all over her body, from bruises to open wounds pretty much on her arms and legs.” The officer then went on to add that “this is a textbook case of abuse,” where Lisa was kept so hidden that she hadn’t had contact with her family for over nine years. She was taught to be afraid of her husband and everything else around her. So much so that while she was hiding in the woods, she didn’t even want to flag down a car for help.

After Lisa recovered, she was reunited with all three of her daughters, who, according to a Child Protective Services spokeswoman, were together in a foster care home while their mother gained back her strength. She also said that the toddlers tested positive for trace amounts of methamphetamine, which indicated a drug problem in their home. As of today, Lisa and her daughters are together, healthy, and happy – away from the man who turned their lives upside down. Understandably, though, as Lisa Boyd Holden is not active on any social media platforms, we have no idea about where she is or what she’s up to now.

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