Where Is Marilyn Skelton Today?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Dark Waters: Murder in the Deep: Last Breath’ portrays the terrifying murder of Mike Delmore. When Mike was shot to death in his Mound City, Minnesota, home, the community was left perplexed. Mike was a wonderful and helpful human being, and no one could even imagine him being killed. But things came to light when it was revealed that Jeffrey Skelton’s wife, Marilyn, was staying at Mike’s house at the time of his murder. The subsequent manhunt for the murderer provided a chilling conclusion to the case revealing a web of hatred, jealousy, and rage. If you want to know more about Marilyn Skelton and where she is today, we have got you covered.

Who Is Marilyn Skelton?

At the time of the slaying, Jeffrey Skelton was married to Marilyn Skelton. The couple lived together in Mound City, Minnesota. They were married for 15 years and shared a teenage daughter as well. Marilyn worked at Xcel Energy as a training officer, and the couple shared a wonderful and happy married life. In 2005, Jeffrey learned of an alleged affair between his then-wife and another Xcel Energy co-worker named Mike Delmore. Marilyn claimed that Mike was a friend and nothing more, but Jeffrey claimed to have recordings of her conversations with her alleged lover.

The couple often fought over the alleged affair, and though Jeffrey tried to let it go in one instance, further news of the alleged affair made his temper flare once again. On June 17, 2005, Jeffrey got so angry with Marilyn that he forced her to go to Lake Minnetonka. Once at the lake, in a fit of rage, he pushed her into the water even after knowing that she could not swim. Jeffrey then left the location but had a sudden change of heart. He returned a few moments later and rescued Marilyn from the water before leaving her on the side of the lake.

Naturally, Marilyn was terrified of her husband’s temper and chose to spend the weekend at Mike Delmore’s house. This decision did not sit well with Jeffrey, who felt cheated and humiliated. Unable to control his rage, he forced his way into Mike’s house and shot Mike five times in the head, chest, groin, and feet. He then found Marilyn in the shower and pointed his gun towards her. Still, Jeffrey could not bring himself to pull the trigger and thus chose to escape the murder scene. Marilyn immediately called the police and informed them of the horrifying incident that she was a witness to. A citywide manhunt was organized, and approximately 6 hours later, Jeffrey surrendered to the authorities.

Where Is Marilyn Skelton Now?

Even though Marilyn Skelton played an instrumental role in the capture and conviction of her ex-husband, she chooses to live a quiet life at present. Marilyn Skelton prefers to stay under the radar and is highly tight-lipped regarding her private life. Furthermore, Marilyn also decided not to appear on the Investigation Discovery episode. It would appear as though Marilyn has since divorced her husband. However, it is unknown whether she is in a new relationship as of present. Her preference for privacy also makes it highly difficult to find her present whereabouts. We want to respect her wish to stay out of the public sphere while still wishing her the very best for the future.

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