Where is Mark Richard Hilbun Now?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘Obsession: Dark Desires: Going Postal’ focuses on Mark Richard Hilbun, a former postal worker who stalked a colleague, Kim Springer, before being fired from his job. Eventually, Mark attempted to kidnap Kim and went on a shooting spree that ended with two deaths and many others hurt. So, if you’re wondering what exactly happened in this case, then we’ve got you covered.

Who is Mark Richard Hilbun?

Mark Hilbun worked at the post office in Dana Point, California, where he met Kim Springer. On July 4, 1992, they went to a fair in Orange County, California. Initially, Kim was supposed to go with some friends from work, but those plans fell through. Soon after the fair ended, Mark started to exhibit obsessive and bizarre behavior that unsettled Kim. Just hours after Mark dropped Kim off at her place, he began to call her. Then, he would leave gifts and flowers outside her door.

At one point, he even asked her to come to the beach with popcorn so she could see him kill himself. Kim told her superiors at work regarding Mark’s behavior. He was already under scrutiny at the time for showing up to work with his underwear over his pants. A combination of these led to Mark being fired in December 1992. However, Mark continued to harass Kim after being dismissed. He left her photographs of himself with inappropriate messages and later left a note that said, “I love you. I’m going to kill us both and take us both to hell.”

Mark was also diagnosed with manic depression. On May 4, 1993, Mark confronted Kim outside her apartment. She ran to her door and locked herself in before he got to her. By the time the authorities arrived, Mark had left. Just two days later, Mark came to the Dana Point post office with a firearm. He came in looking for Kim, who hid under her mail case to avoid detection. Mark then shot and killed his friend, 42-year-old Charles T. Barbagallo, and wounded another worker, 45-year-old Peter Gates.

The former postal worker left the office and was in the wind when the police also learned that his 63-year-old mother, Frances Hilbun, was stabbed to death at her home in Corona del Mar, California. Her pet dog’s throat was slit as well. Mark Richard Hilbun, then 38, was arrested in Huntington Beach, California, after a three-day rampage where he injured several other people.

Where is Mark Richard Hilbun Now?

Mark Richard Hilbun was charged with multiple crimes and pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. However, in August 1996, he was convicted on two counts of murder, seven counts of attempted murder, one count of attempted kidnapping, and other robbery charges. Mark stated that he was convinced the world was ending when he killed those people.

Mark was sentenced to nine life terms without the possibility of parole. It was mentioned on the show that authorities found women’s clothing and provisions at the time of his arrest, suggesting that he planned to kidnap Kim. He now seems to be serving his sentence at a correctional facility in California.

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