Where is Marvin From Too Hot to Handle Now?

A group of young and sinisterly attractive singles confined to a luxury island villa is forced to refrain from physical intimacy in any form and actually build meaningful relationships in Netflix’s all-intriguing ‘Too Hot to Handle.’ This celibacy test worth $100,000 is complete torture for the contestants, mainly because they believed they signed up to meet, mingle, and go wild with like-minded people. However, they do have some motivation as each rule break leads to a deduction from the grand prize. So, while some try to good, others break the bounds — and Marvin from season 2 did both.

Who is Marvin Anthony?

Hailing from Paris, France, Marvin Anthony is the perfect package, and he knows it. Not only does the 26-year-old have a swoon-worthy accent, but he is also tall, dark, and handsome, which gets even better when you consider his passion for sports. In fact, Marvin has played professional basketball in his native country. He knows that this cocktail of traits is not something girls can easily resist, so he plays it to his advantage whenever possible. “I cannot go to a club and come home by myself,” he said during his initial introduction to the world on the series. “It’s not possible, no.”


Although he calls himself the “French King,” Marvin can also speak Spanish and English fluently, admitting that his language game and smooth dance moves, especially the Dougie, are usually his go-to steps to land a lover. He is yet to meet his dream girl, though, who he hopes would be tall, with a great body and a beautiful smile. So, he signed up for this show to meet women from all over the globe and have a pleasantly “hot” time, unaware that it would lead somewhere else entirely. After all, he had stated, “I’m a lot to handle in the bedroom; they always give me five stars.”

Where is Marvin Anthony Now?

Still residing in Paris, Marvin Anthony is a fashion model, an entrepreneur, and a public figure through and through. After his professional ball career, the 6’4″ male earned a degree in Finance from EMLV – Ecole de Management Léonard De Vinci, a business school in France, in 2019. He’d already spent a year as an exchange student majoring in general business administration from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Thus, with all his experiences and education, he started a concierge firm called IZIRES that same year. Marvin also works in the operations sector of Amundi.


Coming to his other professions, not only has Marvin modeled for massive labels like Hugo Boss and Puma, but by boasting a few hundred thousand followers on both Instagram and TikTok, he is also establishing himself as an influencer. Moreover, he already has a YouTube channel under his own name and a fan following that can help him achieve wonders in the future. Most importantly, though, Marvin seems to be the kind of man who values love and friendship, with a couple of his Instagram posts being dedicated solely to the connections he has formed in his life’s journey until now.

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