Where is Max Park Now?

Speedcubing combines the genius of mathematical calculations with the mellifluous muscle memory that makes solving a puzzle look effortless. Most people take around three hours to solve the Rubik’s cube, which is the most famous amongst these puzzles. Speedcubers take a few seconds. It is a niche game, but some legends have dominated and continue to make their presence felt. One such name which stands out is Max Park, who is the subject of Netflix’s recent documentary, “The Speed Cubers.”

We see Max’s epic rivalry with Feliks Zemdegs and their shared friendship. However, a nearly unbeaten and legendary run comes to an end in the 2019 World Championship, where Max doesn’t manage to snag a victory in the Rubik’s cube solving round. However, he uses the loss as a learning point, determined to better himself. So, where is Max Park now?

Where is Max Park Today?

Max is a special speedcuber born to Schwan and Miki Park. Diagnosed with autism, Max was introduced to the Rubik’s cube as part of his therapy. The aim was to help him develop motor skills. However, the cube became a rabbit hole – an obsession and an addiction- for Max. Schwan spoke about Max, saying, “He does it all the time, like kids playing video games. He’ll just do it, practicing in bits and pieces, 10 minutes at a time, 15 minutes at a time.”

Apart from being a speedcuber, Max is a great pianist who can hit the right pitches. His father’s explained that Max is essentially hyperfocused on whatever he does. Music, like the cube, has a finite base of knowledge, and Max seems to be great at such things. Max’s accomplishments in cube solving are immense, including several world records. You can see his entire glorious profile here.

As for where he is today, Max is 18 and appears to reside in Cerritos, California, where he was born. He’s been working on his speedcubing and social skills to an equal extent. In fact, Max attended a wedding party recently, and even danced a bit, as ‘The Speed Cubers’ informs us. Max’s growing social skills are evident from his Instagram posts too, where he’s seen engaging with a person and fulfilling their requests.

Max has his own YouTube channel as well, where he helps others become a speedcuber by following his videos. Here’s the latest one uploaded by Max.

We’ll leave you with the final post from Max, which sees the young prodigy promoting the Netflix documentary.

Ultimately, Max’s talent is undeniable, and one expects great things from him in the upcoming competitions as well. However, the real victory for his parents, are the friends that Max has made along the way, and how he’s learned to empathize with his competitors and contemporaries.

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