Where Is Meriwether Schas Now?

Netflix’s reboot of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ deviates a little from the original format of the series. Instead of packing multiple cases in a single episode, it features just one mystery at a time, shining a light on the heinous crimes, paranormal activities, and strange disappearances that shook the world of a victim’s family and their community.

The episode, ‘Washington Insider Murder,’ from Volume 2, is no different. Exploring the tale of Jack Wheeler’s bone-chilling homicide, it details his last few days alive, along with his personality, thanks to the inputs of investigators and his family members, especially his stepdaughter, Meriwether Schas. Wondering what she’s up to now? Let’s find out.

Who Is Meriwether Schas?

Meriwether Schas met Jack Wheeler for the first time back in the 90s, when her mother, Katherine Klyce, first got into a serious relationship with him. Until that point, it was only Meriwether, her twin, Byrd Schas, and their mother against the world. After Jack came around, their little family expanded to include him, as well as his twins, John Parsons Wheeler IV, and Katherine Marie Wheeler.

After Jack and Katherine Klyce got married, Meriwether and Byrd got themselves a father – a man who loved and adored them just as much as he did his own children, so, of course, they couldn’t be happier. Apparently, no matter how busy Jack was in his work life, he always made time for his little ones, ensuring that he was by their side whenever they needed him.

Image Credit: Netflix

Meriwether described her stepfather as a charming man, who, although was serious about almost every situation, could also have a really cheesy side and sense of humor. When Jack was found dead on December 31, 2010, after more than 13 years of being a family, Meriwether was devastated. But she knew that she had to be strong to deal with the terrible situation, a thing she learned from her father.

Meriwether was by her mother’s side at every step of the way in the weeks that followed. She even helped the investigators in figuring out Jack’s behavior. She was the one who first pointed out that Jack’s agitated behavior during his last few days was not normal or something that should be taken lightly or ignored.

Where Is Meriwether Schas Now?

To this day, Meriwether Schas wishes to find some closure in her stepfather’s murder case. Residing in Brooklyn, New York, she is now married with two kids of her own, and currently, she spends most of her time looking after them. It seems like her family, including her mother and siblings, hold the utmost importance for her. From what we can tell, Meriwether hopes to keep Jack’s memories alive in everything that she does.

She wants her kids, who, unfortunately, never got to meet him, to at least know about him and his amazing nature. Also, to raise awareness about Jack’s case, what happened, and to maybe even, one day, do him justice, she keeps speaking up about it. Meriwether wants everyone to know who he was and what he meant to her. The only constant that hasn’t changed for Meriwether over the years is that she still loves the man who raised her as his own daughter.

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